Milestone Rewards

Hey guys,

Out of curiosity , what milestone rewards do you normally take?

I’m level 19, have just been offered the Ferrari BBLM (which I’ll take) and I think I’ve only taken the other rewards once each? I’ve pretty much always taken the car.

usually I will take the car, as long as I don’t already have it
if I can’t afford it ( not all cars are free) I skip (bank) them until I can later afford it

I took cars at a discount or free if they were uncommon or better. Until I started getting the common again, then I took the money and bought all the commotion n cars. After buying all unlocked cars I started getting the gear to get the score for 100 gear. Actually I’m still taking the gear but I’m not sure why. I’ve got 10 million in credits and just waiting on SD to give me new cars.

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Car every time (haven’t had any doubles yet though from memory). If I can’t afford it then I bank it for later. Doing extra-long races with usually at least 150% credit payout bonus from mods (and VIP on top of that) means that I can rake in extra money if I ever need to.

I usually take the car to move up in the tiers but if the car is too expensive…I take the money,a couple of times, I chose Driver Gear ,I wanted the South African one.,…at this point, the car prizes are formula One, Nascar, or Gran Prix style race cars,or high end exotics…most of those cars, I will only drive to complete races…I like old school American muscle and JDM’s from the 90’s to early 2000’s…a few Euro sports cars are cool like the 90’s BMW M3!

Depends on my bank account level. Right now I’m at 1.8 million due to buying a 1.1 million dollar milestone car (max discount is 400k).

If I need cash (especially when specialty dealer comes out) I take the cash reward. After I am at 2 million, I take the car if it’s free or relatively cheap.

If the car is over a million I usually wait until I’m at 3 million and will select the driver gear instead. I’ve yet to hit the 100 driver gear achievement so this ensures I’ll get it at my own pace. The big cars come around a few times if you select something else.

Once I have the 700 car achievement, I’m going to only take the car if I don’t have it. Else it’ll be driver gear barring a low credit balance.

I always did choose the cars and sold duplicates (with profit) in the Auction House.

When I had all cars available I reluctantly choose the driver gear, now I get offered a pack of 5 mod cards instead of driver gear.