Hey guys, today i took my VW Golf R32 out for a spin and found out it had driven 1,359,9 kilometers. Yesterday when i turned off my xbox it had driven around 350 kilometers (which only like 10 or something was me) is the mileage on the cars random or is it glitched?

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I noticed something that I suspect is a bug. I noticed that the cars seem to record mileage 4 1/3 times faster than normal. Has anyone else noticed this?

I’ve noticed this, I’ve got several cars that have logged 1,000+ miles in the car history tab. Yet this morning a stat flashed while the game was loading “miles driven: 932”.

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I noticed this too. It bothers me more than it should.

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That’s annoying. I’ve always quite enjoyed checking the mileage on my cars throughout the game.


I think it’s also counting when your drive-atar is using the cars in races when you’re away. Because almost everyday I have gotten e-mails about my drive-atar making $15-25k in races when my xb1 isn’t on.

Someone should check if this is true. Before you get off record the mileage on your car, then the next time you go on see if there’s a difference.

You’re probably on to something, it makes sense.

Just did some tests and heres the results: logged in and started in my VW Golf R32 with a mileage on the speedo at 000.229.0. Changed to my MK2 and changed back to my R32 after around 15 mins away, then the speedo showed 000.441.4 km driven. Changed cars again the same way as before but with only 2 minutes between and then it showed 000.589.3 km on my R32. Changed again with 1 minute between and it showed the mileage again at 000.441.4 km. The car history shows that I’ve driven 3 miles in the car.

I was doing a few highway speed runs in a brand new (wheelspin acquired) Lexus LFA, after half an hour of driving I went to the hub to see how many miles I’d done, according to the history I’d been driving 19 hours and done 3500 miles???
I can understand if it’s 19 in game hours, but not real ones, I know I went through 88 mph a few times but I can’t have travelled that far into the future, my most driven car is my Capri with only 600 miles on it.
Is it a glitch? Is it just a weird 'virtual miles thing, or is the wheelspin stealing cars out of other people’s garages and passing them off as new?

Slightly off topic I also won the LFA not long ago and I love it it’s one of my in game favourites along with my Capri. My 458 and 12C have now done over 10,000 K’s each and I’ve probably done maybe 200 if I’m lucky.

Maybe the odometer’s just broken; give me a hammer.

It would make sense that the mileage in-game is accelerated to match the day/night cycle. It also makes sense that the mileage racked up by your Drivatar would count towards your cars mileage, as the servers are feeding information between the player and drivatar constantly.

Despite making sense though I wish it wasn’t the case, as I’ve always enjoyed seeing the genuine mileage in a particular car.