Middle of the road drivatar

This has been really irking me, why are there drivatar that hug the middle of the road on the highway when there are open spaces, it’s really annoying and terrible for speed challenges

Try doing them in private freeroam
The drivatards arent there…only some regular traffic cars

The Drivartars mimick the driving behavior of real players so players that constantly drive down the middel of the road are causing this to happen. Monkey see Monkey do


Drivertards mimic us makes sense.

I used to do a lot of head to head races (2000+) the best tactic to challenge an oncoming drivertard is to hit them head on, whilst they are sorting themselves out you have time to do a U turn and innitiate the race.
So I assume a lot of ppl do the same thing going by the amount of drivertads who purposely headon into you for no apparent reason?

Same goes for the white line driving, due to excessive traffic cars in both lanes we have no choice but to straddle both lanes on the highway and thus the drivertards have learned to drive there ruining any chance of a speed run.

They also cheat for the same reasons, so head to head racing is becoming a lot less fun unless i also cheat and cut paddocks… which also snowballs as now my drivertard cheats too.

When I first started playing the drivertards hardly ever did these things and driving was more fun…But 6 months later they have learned too many bad habbits and offline playing has become 99% less fun.

I think they need to actually erase the data every now and then and let them relearn as it becoming a bit unrealistic and snowballing - the intention was to make them appear real, but it works too well. They may need to purge the data every 3 months to keep it clean.

Just my thoughts as another fun aspect of the game slowly goes out the window. Offline head to head racing used to be 100% more fun 3 months ago.

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