Mid Corner oversteer

Hi all, just started playing FM7 on the wheel and im really struggling with mid corner oversteer. Its something i havent experienced to this degree on other games.

Could it be the way im driving on the wheel, the wheel settings or is it all about the tune.

All assists are off and its the thrustmaster tmx im using.

Off throttle or on? If it’s off throttle turn up your decel until it stops

You can try the diff decel setting as said above but the best place roll bars show their true nature is “mid-corner”, so also try reducing the rear rollbar value. All this assumes you are not getting on the throttle too early and too hard.

I was also having some difficult time with my Thrustmaster TMX Pro on this game (stopped playing a few months ago).

My approach was to try out different setting suggested by other users for the Thrustmaster TMX wheel and after playing around with the BMW Z4 on the Suzuka track, I ended up with the following settings:

In the end I kept Traction Control on in the assists.

To be honest, I also feel like not only the “wheel settings” are to blame, but also additional factors which increase the visual splendor of the game, but makes the game more difficult to play. For that I opened this topic:

Forza does not replicate actual car behaviour. They have only hyped it up as such.

It’s a semi-arcade game - so take it or leave it. I put it down after only a few minutes and can’t seem to get enough of Assetto Corsa.

Yeah… I’ve just bought AC and left it downloading overnight. Today will determine whether I put FM7 on the shelf to gather dust or not.

I actually prefer the FFB in FM6 over FM7, especially with FM6 having actual raised kerbs, so even if AC isn’t for me FM7 could still find itself on the shelf.

Got a change to play AC with a wheel? It will blow your socks off, mate!!

I’ve very recently bought a TMX and I’ve been able to jump straight into cars I’ve tuned with a controller.

I’d firstly suggest it’s maybe your tune.

But try downloading other tunes just to try out and if you’re still getting oversteer it may be your driving style. Try turning up wheel radius to max 900 in the wheel settings. I prefer 900 because it makes the steering that little but less sensitive so I can be a tiny bit more accurate entering and exiting corners. Might give you finer control mid-corner.

The Only reason you prefear fm6 Force feedback Is because you can’t set your wheel properly, fm7 Force feedback Is way superior. Then again if you prefear assetto Corsa over fm7 Is not because One Is Better thanx another, they are 2different games, it’s Just matter of tastes.

Are you using sim steering or normal steering? Ive heard mixed stories about which is better for a wheel.

Tunes on storefront usually don’t say if the user had normal or sim steering activated so it’s a bit of trial and error. Frankly, its probably best to tune your wheel around cars without a tune. That way you can diagnose quickly if the issue is with the car, you, or the tune. There are a lot of fast tunes out there that aren’t easy to control.

It’s a physics issue, not a tuning one. It’s T10’s rendition of realistic car physics in a game.

One play in AC and then same car in real life (if you can) will confirm that.

The physics are solid with controller, albeit they tend to default to understeer a bit more than reality.

Never played Forza on wheel since I don’t have a wheel. At least on controller, it’s not far off on reality. Sometimes the default handling is off (usually AWD) from reality, but sim steering usually gets it kinda close.

With normal steering, a lambo huracan feels nothing like reality. The car is way more responsive than that. With sim steering it was pretty damn close. I was surprised.

I agree the physics feel balanced and consistent on a controller going from car to car. But there are too many assists - hidden ones, that is. I don’t like that. It’s as if they are dumbing down the game, even for people who don’t mind a deeper challenge where more skill is required to ‘pilot’ the car.

Sim steering is okay, in my opinion. The way the steering mechanics suddenly change when you start to slide and need to countersteer - are really, really weird. The wheel suddenly becomes very loose and jerky, the speed sensitivity is gone and in one swift flick of the analog stick, you can instantly go to full countersteer. you can’t do this with regular steering when you’re car is just turning, and not sliding. Isn’t that weird? At least the steering and countersteering speeds should be consistent with real life. It’s just too, too easy to countersteer and catch slides or recover from them on a pad. It’s as if the car has no sense of weight and you can instantly just flick and go to full countersteering - boom, you’re out of the slide!

So that’s what sim steering is good for - it gives you faster counter-steering and maybe you have to be more mindful of your inputs while precision driving. Forza’s realism levels are just okay I think. It felt more realistic to me in FM5, honestly. But then again, FM7 has noticeably improved suspension modeling. The brakes though - I feel every car in the game has racecar brakes or even F1 brakes. They just come to a stop far too quickly with no consequences or nuanced levels, you know. You just compress the trigger halfway and don’;t even need to engine-brake, and you come to stop as if there’s very little momentum.

Sorry for the rant. back on topic. On a pad, stick to sim steering for sure - it’s more realistic than normal. But on a wheel, you don’t need as ‘simulated’ steering as such as it is 1:1 with the front wheels (not the cockpit wheel animation).