Microsoft Racing Wheel [WRW02] - Paddle Shifter Setup?

I have a Microsoft Racing Wheel WRW02, and for some reason, I go to the controller setup and it says the paddle shifters are “not used.” They’re in the illustration, they’re just not assigned to a function, in any of the controller schemes.

So my question comes in two parts:

  1. Are the paddle shifters on the WRW02 even an option to use (and how do I enable them)?

  2. If you can use the paddles shifters in the game, is there a setting where you can use auto transmission most of the time, but shift up and down when you need a finer level of control (like using the manu-matic shifter in my IRL car)?

Well, I honestly finally threw my MS Wheel away about 1 month ago. Anytime a new Forza comes out, I never go back & play older versions. The paddle shifters worked on the one I had by default if I was using manual. I seem to remember being able to downshift the auto trans. I used my MS wheel on Forza 2 thur 4. Also PGR3.