microphone issues

Does anyone else have issues with the microphone if they plug it in after starting the game. Any time i do my microphone doesn’t work and it only happens with forza 5 :-/

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Some configuration has changed because you can now use a mic on a controller while driving with the wheel.

Log in manually and not through kinect auto sign in and most mic issues go away.

I always log in manually and have not noticed any improvement in the mic issues. It is absolutely random as to whether I will be able to talk to the entire lobby and who I can talk to varies from one race to the next.

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My mic isnt working in Forza at all now during multiplayer hoppers. The issue seems to only effect this game. Il try the manual log in tonight

yea im having trouble , some people can hear you in lobbies and others cant , seems quite random, but there is definatly some kind of fault somewhere

I tried hot-plugging the XB1 controller-attached headset in-game once, speaker worked but mic didn’t. Now I just leave it plugged in all the time on one controller. I got a 2nd controller and use that one when doing single-player if I don’t want the headset cable in the way.

It could be a ‘nat’ issue. Check this by going into network settings and run multiplayer connection test. After it completes hold both triggers and bumpers and it will give you detailed info. You want an open nat. if it’s moderate or strict that’s likely the issue.


Yeah, it’s a known issue. The mic won’t work if you plug it in during game. It needs to be plugged in before the lobby for it to work.

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