Microphone issues

Just wondering if i could gauge how many, if any, other people are seeing other peoples mic icons flashing as if they are talking but cant hear them?

Before the latest update i could unlpug and replug the mic but now it does nothing :frowning:


Ive noticed the same thing.

But my the mic/headset on my limited edition Xbone does not work. It has not ever worked since I opened it a week ago… any one have a clue as to why this is?

I went to settings and it doesnt evn recognize that the mic is plugged into the controller… thanks

Same issues… It seems that only certain people in the lobby can hear each other. I see icons flashing and am only hearing half the conversation some times, while other people are hearing the whole thing or nothing. It is frustrating, and is causing alot of people to just hang in parties.