Micro transactions incoming I feel

Hello all,

I am a huge Forza fan, the best racing game around and there is not on PC except Project Cars and Assetto Corsa… The only games around and now FM Apex which I is good and it’s free to play making it great, but Forza 3 and 4 had the most tracks and cars… We then got 5 and 6 which cut down SO MUCH it felt like more money for less content. (I do not care for Forza Vista… I buy a racing game not looking game)

Anyway, Forza Apex I am going to play and it’s a good start but with less than 100 cars… I think I heard or seen about 60 and a few tracks, I think we are going to see more cars added but at a cost of them. Anyone else feel the same?
The cars and tracks will be built up over time with a cost and if so then I think most people are not interested and would rather buy a full game like two I listed above and play with a lot more.

Very wary with Turn 10 due to FM5/6 considering what we had in 3/4 being the best!

It’s not fair aiming this at newer players when there are a lot of veteran players who love the game you know and want an official PC release.

Let me know what you all think.


different landscapes, different reasons.

I am excited for it. I think it is great it is free for all Windows 10 gamers to try it out and if they have DLC for it it has to be reasonably priced so they don’t overcharge. I would love it they brought the Delorean back to Forza. I believe it wasn’t in a game since Forza 4 sadly. Wish it had at least made it into the first Horizon game.

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If it’s a similar microtransaction structure to the core series there shouldn’t be a problem. Just so long as they don’t turn it into the mobile cringefest formula of “You need to upgrade your car to enter this event, costing —,—CR and taking 8 hours to finish! Spend 1,000 Tokens to finish now!”

…but I’m pretty sure Turn 10 are far, far better than that.

Couldn’t agree more. Tokens have been, by far, the least noticeable microtransaction in any game I play. Now that they’ve given us the option to turn them off in FM6, it’s non-existant and I feel like they’re isn’t any microtransactions at all.

They gave the option to turn them off? I haven’t played it in a few months, as I dont own an xbox anymore, as the only game I play on xbox is coming to pc. But could you elaborate on how this works? I’m quite interested.

It’s a global ON/OFF switch in the HUD menu.

If ‘disable tokens’ is active, you don’t see on bit of them in the whole game anymore.

Only pay method then is ingame CR, and you won’t get asked if you want to use tokens instead of ingame CR at all !!!

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Give us a $60 game for free, and people complain about Microtransactions…

Honestly, All games should be free, with Microtransactions. Pay to win? Who cares, if the game was free, and you pay $2.50 for access to something, everyone else has the same access to.

Life is Pay to win. Video games are ART. Life imitates art… and art imitates life. Where is the confusing part of this.

Would I pay for More cars, in a free game? If the game is good, absolutely.

I have paid for things that are less useful, in other games, That I have not only had to pay for, but had to pay for the compatible DLC, AND the base game, and only then would the paid content work.

If I want to drive a Shelby GT500, and it costs me $1.00 to add it to my game, that cost me $0.00, the whole experience cost me $1.00.

Chalk up Pay to Win, right next to, Free game, and the answer becomes simply, You can’t win, if you don’t play… and its pay to play… at some point.

But yeah, tons of people will be content with the game as it stands, Puffed up demo? Maybe. Lets judge that after we have the option to play.

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If it’s gonna be a iRacing like system, then I’m totally cool with it

I think it is a glorified technical demo and you are not going to have to worry about it. It isn’t going to be like iracing. They have a long way to go before it is ready for a PC gamer audience. Totally different

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apex is a demo not a full game, why don’t people still understand this

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Micro transactions will be ok if the price of initial purchase is reasonable. Guys, this model worked out REALLY well for RaceRoom Racing Experience. I cannot think of a better example. R3E is simply awesome. It is the only racing game / sim, that I genuinely wanted to give more money to. When developers do well on a game, I personally want to make sure they see that I enjoy it. It’s not a pay to play we’re talking about, like you’d see with mobile games. This would more likely be a case where you buy the cars, or car packs, or track packs that suite you, and filter out the stuff you don’t care for. It works. just be patient and have faith. These guys at turn 10 usually deliver the goods when it’s crunch time, and the pressure to succeed is on.