Mic Spammers...

Worst part about playing. Surprisingly enough most of the time from older people, not the kids… sad :[

Happens on most online games, cod is worse

My favorite are the ones who blast a stereo system in the background so it distorts all audio, and sounds as if it’s from world war 2. Them, or the ones the have conversations with people in their house with them.

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those are the easy ones. you just say “xbox stop listening” then yell “xbox turn off (pause) yes”. they are kinnect chatting so the chat is played over their stereo or tv speakers so their kinnect can hear you giving it commands.


That’s the best option.

Won’t that turn off your own system?

All sorts off epic.

Except it doesn’t actually work. Otherwise, we’d have issues with gamers turning other people’s consoles off.

when your mic is pluged in the chat is via the head set not the tv speakers, the kinnect cant hear it. its only when people dont have the head set plugged in you can hear every other person in the house, the stereo, etc…and you hear an echo when people are kinnect chatting. we would have a rash??? search people named xbox turnhoff on youtube. there was a rash. the reason there isn’t is 99% plug in the head set, and people yell xbox turn off without first telling the xbox not to listen. it only works when chat audio is via the speakers and not the head set.

oh and mute your own mic/headset when telling xbox not to listen

For one, I understand how the chat over speakers function works. But, you are misinterpreting what is going on in those YouTube videos. People are registering with ‘Xbox Turn Off’ sounding Gamertags so that when their opponents get mad and say the user name in vein, the opponent’s Kinect hears that and responds. A user cannot control another’s Xbox with chat through the user’s speakers. The frequencies of our voices - recognized by the Kinect microphone - are completely different than the frequencies of our voices through a speaker, which Kinect does not recognize.

I understand you wanted to respond with something that seems funny, but it just doesn’t work that way.

Mute 'em. Simple.


its a hassle to mute people, you ahve to click on their profile, show profile, mute in game, rather than highlight profile press X to mute, that should be an option

I just click on their name plate, and select mute. I think you have an extra step in there.

I’m not around my Xbox at the moment, but I am quite sure that if you highlight a gamer in the lobby there are button keys at the bottom of the screen that show you how to one-click mute the player.

Yeah if you do it in the lobby it only takes a couple of seconds.

Anyone heard the guy in his workshop cutting wood and banging in nails?? non stop on a loop .

Why don’t you just mute them?

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I rarely ever talk to people, unless I’m in a party, so I don’t even hook my mic up to the controller. The first thing I do, is mute everyone, and sit back and race while I listen to podcasts or music.

I would suggest simply muting the annoying people. When I first started playing online with the xbox one it took me a moment to realize that the kinnect’s mic was on for chat so had to turn that off.

surprisingly my mic doesn’t get much use lately. When I’m on mic its usually in party chat or on the rare occassion a team that everyone has mics and wants to use them seriously but its abit rare to find those teams

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Yep just mute them, and it’s problem solved.

You order your Kinect to say: Kinect, make that guy leave by making noises that Kinects were doing on the 360. Do the echo of the Kinect and you’ll see what happens". Guy leaves annoyed.