Methods for Controlling Understeer? (AWD)

What do you guys do to control understeer?

The reason I ask is because I am having a bit of understeer (expected from AWD) with my STi under acceleration mid-corner/powering out of the corner, it oversteers a decent bit on entry though.
The car is an '04 STi that is still AWD. The car does absolutely wonderful on Indy Classic. The car is tuned for B-Class.
Yes, I am taking the correct racing line, but I do drive the car a bit hard.
If needed, I will post my tune details so you guys can see the tune for yourself.

I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this & let’s get this thing doing some mean lap times!

In similar situations, I start by working on the ARBs for the mid-corner understeer. I have even used extreme settings…1/40 in many AWD.

Then, if this doe not fix it, I go to the Bump & Rebound (higher rear than front on both). I also consider the ride height to produce some amount of oversteer. If all this is still giving me an issue, I then work on the springs. Again, this is for AWD. I have tunes for that car in several classes and have been able to correct such.

This past week ago I participated in a B-class HLC which I used the car along with several other AWD’s (Mitsubishi’s versus Subaru’s) at Indy GP Classic and it did very well.

Hope this helps!

p.s. Your entry oversteer could be your Diff Decel on off-throttle.

For me the first step is to adjust the differentials to send more power to the rear. Then I’ll play with the rear tire width.

All of the above. What’s the camber and toe in. Also castor if it’s bring really stubborn. Make sure tyres are the same width all round. If it’s only minor under steer drop the front tyre pressures a little bit.

Sounds like a diff problem to me. I’d try -15% from where you are right now then +15%. Then keep going in the direction that gives you better feel of the car.

1 or 2 lbs lighter in front tire, -3/-3 camber, 10/30 ARBs, something like 7.5/11 rebound (adjust rear rebound down if too responsive and move front up slowly if needed), and move power to 75% to rear tires. Everything else is dependent on build/track. That’s where I’d personally start.