message for turn 10

Your game is annoying, cars bounce when they crash, also the driveline, there are many things wrong with this game.

well, why don’t you cry about it?
this game is awesome.

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Strange viewpoint…

Come on, man. If you are going to criticize the game, at least do so in a constructive and non-foul mouthed manner. I hope the rant was worth it to you.

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Its worth it, fed up with people online bashing in the back off me and instead of it being a crash, my car bounces off their car. Even when i tap the wall with the rear end of my car i spin out cause the car bounces.

its just sour grapes. he’s getting beat in the bounty. he beat the developers original time but the developer posted a better time since then. he’s more of a painter than a racer and wants the vinles. let him vent, it may save a controllers life.

Vinyls not vinles hahaha

Cba with this anymore forget it.

see you.

Who really cares if you throw your crayons out of the crib.
Who really cares about your opinions or your dislike of the game.

Go and play something else then.

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I am playing summet else but what is there to play, there arnt many games out untill titanfall comes out.

While the game is far from perfect, it’s what we have at the moment. I can understand your frustrations with things that are affecting your enjoyment, but wouldn’t it be better to post something a little less of a target for the moderators? Add this in with the post about the driving line you have under this one and you may seem like you are ranting which will get you noticed in the worst way possible.

If you aren’t having fun, then take a break from the game for awhile and come back to it when you aren’t as frustrated.

Or, if you are a painter as someone else has said in this thread, just focus on the paint for the time being and let things cool down :slight_smile:

Just suggestions and not an attack.

Did you buy it or just borrow it?

Buy it

There are things I don’t like about the game but I played it at the local GAME before buying it and I knew what I was getting into before pulling the trigger.

If you don’t get on with it, no reason to bash people that poured their time and effort into a product that the vast majority think is boss.

Provide constructive feedback and your issues might be resolved.