Memory leak?

Im new to the forum so sorry if this has been posted alot but does this game have a memory leak? The game will run maxed out 60+ with no issues but after about 6 races the performance tanks and becomes unplayable. Is there a fix or is the game just broken?

If you’re talking about the PC version the memory leak was fixed by Nvidia in a recent driver update so download the latest Nvidia drivers and GFE.

No it was not fixed… it is still crashing when going thru the cars. On both 1080ti and 980OC the game still crashes and stutters oddly. This bug is still here i have it, it is happening to me and my friends playing this game with various Nvidia cards. This game-breaking bug is still here please fix this. I see it has been removed from the stickies on top. This bug is not fixed, stop spreading lies

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They fixed another memory leak but not all … i do also have still crashes sometimes but it has been imporved since launch …at least^^