memory leak is still there

so yeah after checking the forums and seeing that there was an update for pc players i decided to check if the game ran any better so i raced 3 short races and saw that the game was running fine so then i decided to do a 30 min race on daytona in an indy car so before the update by the end of the race the lights and walls in the turns would start to not load allowing me to see cars parked on the outside of the track on a 1 hour race the track would actually start to not load so after about 22 mins into the race the walls and lights started to not load and this continued till the race ended so i then decided that i would try to see if i would ctd in the rim upgrade menu so i started to cycle through them and sure enough the game froze up and cdt i checked my ram usage before i started the first race with the game running and had over 4gb of ram free so the memory leak is most definitely not fixed

Well yeah, the patch only added VIP credits. It hasn’t fixed or broken anything else, though it seems many say different.

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Thankfully I haven’t had a CTD since update(PC) My Fall Creators update stuffed up a bit in a couple of areas but while investigating the fix I noticed even Windowsreport mentioned the major update was supposed to help with the stuttering issues etc in FM7 but won’t fix the memory leak issue. I am not saying I won’t be awarded the dreaded CTD but I could barely get through a couple of short races with it happening before.

I was getting stuttering but not CTD before the patch.

Now I get very little stuttering but have gotten CTDs while driving

Great, preferred the way it was, more broken for me now.

Memory leak for the memory of the graphics cards as exactly the same as before the patch. Lap 26 on Daytona Oval the wall start to disappear and Monza is equally bad as before.