Measly payouts

When do the payouts for races start to go up?
I’m level 27 now and I’m still only getting around 9-12k per race no matter the event.

If the payouts are linked to distance driven, create your own Blueprints and increase the lap count on circuit events for more CR.


Just wait until you unlock the Goliath, every 8 minute lap is around 35k credits, so just set it to 6 laps and bam. Insane payout

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There are people with iver 500 cars.

Hardly a grind. If anything it is too generous.


People with over 500 cars did get them by playing the game for 150 hours already or by using glitches or by gaining loads of XP on Mixer. I wouldn’t take that as confirmation that money is easy to come by. It really is not. The positive side is that you don’t need to buy cars, You will get them all from wheelspins, only when you have 300 or so will some doubles show up. But it is a really fair system otherwise, rewarding level ups. And no, doing a forty minute Goliath race for 200k CR is not an improvement over doing twenty 2 minute races that pay 10k each. It’s just less messing about with the menus, it’s not making you earn money faster.

To be fair, some of us can’t play 24/7.


I respect that. As a carer I work 12 hour shifts for abysmally low wage. But that aside getting too many cars too quickly only serves those who play games for achievements for a couple of weeks and then move on.

Honestly if it were even easier than it is now people with full garages would get bored and instead of moaning about emotes and clothing they’d be moaning that wheelspins are pointless as they need neither credits or cars!


Then don’t. The game has barely been out a week. You’ll get there.


“Insane payout”? How can you compare merely 35k credits to ~85k credits of FH3 Goliath? Yeah, FH3 Goliath was a little longer but with HE credit car you could get ~110k credits every lap. And also, these 6 laps of FH4 Goliath will probably give you wheelspins that are worth much more than all these laps. Also, credit boost FE cars are worthless in FH4 because they give only 20% and only to base value(so for ViP it’s only 10% increase not counting difficulty) and it’s better to drive influence boost FE car.
Actually credit rewards even for Goliath are laughably low in FH4 and if you are doing Goliath for credit rewards then you are doing it wrong.

Anyway, game “economy” revolves around wheelspins too much. Nobody even looks for credits after race, only influence is important because it gives wheelspins. You need 3 Goliath laps to get ~110k credits which is only a “rare” reward in wheelspin.

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They payouts really don’t ever increase from what I can tell.

It’s pretty disappointing given the added credit sinks via the million cr properties on top of million cr cars, and wheelspins that constantly give useless items in horns / clothes / emotes instead of bonus credits - credits that are now needed more than ever. The race rewards and general progression could use some tweaking, shouldn’t have to rely on a random slot machine to get the stuff that matters to you. It’s frustrating.

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And once you have bought everything what are gonna spend all those useless credits on

I havent bothered buying cars yet ( other than ones i really want) since the ridiculous amount of wheelspins are giving me so many as well as credits
And i have over 5 million credits sitting and only the castles to buy…but what’s the rush


It depends what you want from the game. For me, what I enjoy is trying to get as high up as possible on leaderboards, so for that you need all the cars so you can try different cars for each challenge until you find the best one for it. I got #1 on a speed zone leaderboard last night after trying 3 different cars, so the game only becomes enjoyable for me once I have every car available to me, and it’s a bit depressing just how many hours of play it will take to own every car when some need 10m credits. For me, owning every car is where the game really starts, and everything before that stage seems a bit pointless.

Has anyone counted the total number of clothing items, horns, dances, whatever, to get an idea what sort of driver level you’d have to reach to have them all and only get credits and cars from wheelspins from that point on?

That’s great for you, but a slew of the cars I really want cost 10 million credits themselves. The GT40 MKII for example is a huge markup from the last game’s 3.3million, why? And you may get getting a lot of credits from spins, but I’m getting a lot of junk items I don’t care about. Clothes, horns, emotes. A decent portion of my super spins have been entirely made of these. It quickly reached a point where I no longer even care about the spins, It’s no fun continually being crushed by the garbage that’s of no real use to you in a driving game.

To afford some of these cars anytime soon, my main option is to hope I get lucky and land them on a random spin, which is kind of absurd. My interest in the game will probably drop off before I can actually drive a few of them. Too soon to get some super cheap dupe discounts on the AH as well, plus bidding and winning auctions is a sloppy and major hassle still. Still the next best option, but saving up for some will take months at the rate I’m earning. I just don’t know if I’ll even care by then.

Some of these properties unlock features included in the previous game for free as well, like fast travel to anywhere (2 mil), skill songs (a ‘cheap’ 750k), and even a barn find (10 mil).

And once you have bought everything what are gonna spend all those useless credits on

That’s part of the problem with the entire progression system and why I think it’s poorly done. It’s more about throwing random cars (and also fluff items) at you than allowing you to buy some of you want when you want. It’s a literal crapshoot, nothing resembling actual progression even though your garage will inevitably grow over time. And it makes a lot of the stuff in the game seem worthless despite some of the hefty price tags and measly payouts for races. So many cars I don’t care about and aren’t even worth the effort to sell on the AH for a few extra credits. It’s a mess to me but I’m sure some people enjoy it this way more.

I think the Forzathon points system is a lot more interesting than what they did with the credits and spins and general progression this time. And the special FT car prices seem achievable and sane, even without the 5 million 2x Forzathon earnings property. Starting to feel that they should have ditched credits completely and switched everything over to Forzathon points. Then you could buy what you wanted more reasonably and efficiently with even more ways to earn, or choose to buy spins instead if you just want more random stuff thrown at you quickly.

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You guys just described the typical F2P model that’s found it’s way into AAA, full price games, unfortunately.

Everything from emotes, clothing, and other useless “filler” screams F2P garbage that’s there to keep players logging in and grinding… None of that is crucial to the core of the game which is to race cars, upgrade cars and buy more cars.

I knew FM7 tried this F2P type model and it backfired to the point they had to remove it (microtransactions; loot boxes), but it looks like FH4 slipped through the development cracks (on purpose?) because it plays exactly like a grind-heavy F2P title instead of a fun, polished racing game like FH3 did.

God, I hate greed…

Honestly, it might be better if the clothes/horns/emotes customization items were microtransactions rather than such an integral part of the standard progression. Purchasable directly with in game Credits and Forzathon Points, and even real money. Let people who actually want to engage with that junk go out and acquire exactly what they want instead of being at the mercy of random luck, too. Let the people who want to roll the dice purchase a customization item only wheelspin with their in game currency as well. Let people who want to pay real money straight up instead for avatar clothing and emotes pay the real money and support the devs that way. It has no effect on me.

I know most people, including myself, are against any and all sort of thing in a Forza game when it comes to cars and car parts, but I think it would be fine if the fluff stuff here were separate but still accessible in that way for those that care about it. Just keep any gameplay impacting items out of it!

I’ve not needed to buy a car so far. I got the achievement by adding a DLC car which was free CR wise. I think I’m 204 level wise and have never got a duplicate car in wheel spins.

Once you reach road level 20, you unlock the Goliath. And it keeps leveling up after 20. Played 12 laps and it resulted in 26 wheelspins from both the main levels and road racing levels.

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Yeah, I’m running into the same problem. I think the biggest issue is that the game’s progression is backwards right now. Early on you’re hit with so many wheelspins that the game feels far too easy, but once you’ve completed the prologue and leveled up the race series, progression slows to a crawl with the low race payouts and huge endgame credit sinks with the castles and expensive cars.

Most of the people with 500+ cars likely abused the cheap Forzathon wheelspins in the first week (along with having no life and playing the game nonstop). Wheelspins used to only cost 10 FP, so with VIP each hourly Forzathon Live gave 60 FP making it really easy to get excessive numbers of wheelspins.

One way to get around the slow progression that still works is to look at the per-car skill trees. Most of the cars have wheelspins from their skill trees (some only cost 2 skill points to get) so farming skill points is a viable method to get a bunch of wheelspins Especially if you get this season’s FE car which gives a skill point bonus.

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As said before, if you want more credits, use blueprints configured for 6-10 laps.
I agree that for non-VIP, credits payout should be a bit weak but for VIP credit bonus, it is OK to expect a long game lifetime.

I think car using mastery wheelspins is also a good advice

500 cars? They must have bought all the cheapest ones for 4k or something. I hammered the wheelspins when they were cheap and I have about 200 cars and 4m credits.

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