Meadows Flowers Player House achievement will not unlock !?!

I have tried to actually drive to the Meadows Flowers Player House in order to unlock the achievement but it is still locked even though I own all the player houses and I set that particular house as my home in the Great Britain location map…what am I doing wrong?..somebody please give me some feedback!

You aren’t doing anything wrong…it’s a bug that players who already have the house can’t unlock the acheivement whilst those who haven’t bought it unlock it when they do buy it. They are, I hope, aware of the issue and will, I hope again, fix it at some point

I finished the cars for last time, so was a 691/691. Got all but the 85 MR2 in a drag strip template, it registered OK. Sitting at 694/695 cars captured. Is there any other achievement available thru this?

Nope, no other achievement. All you need is 200 cars.

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i got a update this morning shuttin down my xbox then telling me it a update…after ward the acheivement unlocked

nm this post

Oh so THAT is why the achievement suddenly showed up for me :slight_smile: I had it sitting at a menu for 5 minutes and I heard the achievement ding through, I got up and walked over to the TV to figure out if I’d just received an achievement for Idle Time :slight_smile: “10p Easily Distracted - Spend 6 hours sitting in Menus not paying attention”

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The issue was resolved after the last update…thanks for the feedback!