Mclaren MP-4 12C Code

Today, I picked up another 12M Xbox Live Gold Card and there was a code for a special Mclaren 12-C with a special paint and special tuning.
Since I don’t have FM5, I thought I’d give it away.
I would like to see the car you get from the code though :slight_smile:

Choose an number between 1 and 10.
I will use to select a number
the winner will be Pm’d the code

4 - dNbsonix
5 - movaado
6 - xPRG 4thelulzz
7 - AVFC Mike 93
8 - Ace Ventura PI
9 - DEROK360

Might as well give it a shot



Lucky number 7 please


Number 5 please :slight_smile:

Number 9 please


#11 sir. No FM5 for me, but I always love seeing people giving to the community!

Closing this tommorow morning my time

5 - movaado is the winner! I’ll be PMing you the code now

Thanks for the code!

No Problem…
Could I see the car?

I’ve redeemed the code but not actually purchased the car yet, sort of got sucked into the bounty hunter challenge and Forza 4 of all things.

Anyway, I assume its the one in this youtube video, as I now have two Mclaren MP-4 12C cars to choose from when I buy cars:

Thanks again

Cool, no problems

How did you actually get the code? I purchased a similar card and entered the 25 digit code into Forza 5…only to find that my Gold Membership had been extended, but NO CAR! Any other code on the card was not under the silver “scratch area”, so don’t imagine they would do anything.

Hey guys,

I purchased same code with membership but dont know where to enter it in FM5. Can anyone please guide me - i am new to this game.