Mclaren F1 1993 Handling Rant

I want to complete the forza weekly challange which requires to win 2 road races with mclaren, but its handling is a joke, when I try to turn the car it bearly turns and I end up in the wall most of the time. I tried diffrent tunes and assists but nothing helps.

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Umm… mine handles great. I tuned mine for S1 and easily won circuits with it. I actually liked it a lot so I don’t know…


Use S1 tune and it should be really easy (and you can win races even at lowest difficulty) in S2 and X-class it’s not easiest car to drive by having over 1000kw and it’s lack downforce too mutch for S2 class.

So download S1 tune and set lowest difficulty and it shouldnt be impossible.

My tune was good! The Marathon is the hardest goal anyway, I had to use rewind for the first time in about 4 months.

yeah, bone stock it’s a little slippery, but with some QOL upgrades, it’s pretty good.

Did you use AWD-conversions? Many shared tunes with AWD-conversions are just that: AWD-swaps with nothing done in the tuning section. Those tunes are prone to understeer.
Correctly tuned the F1 is one of the fastest and best handling cars on S1.

Completely agree.

First, it’s one of the easiest RWD cars to drive stock. I had one stock, then I bought another and built an AWD S1 version and tested it. It lapped Broadway Village in the exact same time as one of my Alfa 4C’s, one I won a ranked adventure in. I won 4 or 5 ranked races in an Alfa 8C … the 8C was a couple tenths slower. The difference between the 4C and the F1 is that the F1 has a 30mph higher top speed, even with max downforce. When I was grinding Marathon to reach level 20, I drove a lot of S1 cars there. The F1 is significantly faster there than any car I’ve tried yet. Rubberbanding was the only reason the AI cars ended 20-30 seconds behind. It’s very, very good in S1 class with AWD.

With RWD in S1 class, it’s even better. So far. my two S1 900 RWD F1s are my favorite cars to drive. You can get on the gas peddle, it stays composed … except for the launch, which is good for a RWD car, I can forget about it being RWD and not hold back. And being lighter and more powerful than with AWD, it’s faster on circuits in S1 with RWD … like for most, if not all, supercars in the game.

I started the week with one and now I have four, all with different S1 builds. But, yeah, it’s not meant for S2.

I’m glad its great in S1 because it should be great. And the seating position and view out the windshield are my all time favorites.

As people have said, the tune is everything. Download V12 SprungBoss’s tune and see if you have the same problem.

I converted to AWD, added sticky tyres, race brakes and added front and rear spoilers, along with as many of the other handling upgrades I could add to keep it at S1. If you use a power tune, it’s a beast, but with an S1 AWD handling tune, it’s a doddle to drive

By sticky do you mean drag tires or race? Drag tires are just like that, can’t turn with those, but they are not ment to be turn with.

sorry, race tyres. Drag tyres are no good for cornering ;0)

I created a custom blueprint for the Moorhead Wind Farm circuit. It’s one lap, just go right around the barrier and back to the start, takes about 12 seconds. The AI will go off into the trees to the left. So you can use that if you want, for an easy win that takes up very little time.

I tuned the car for S1, and it’s the 2nd fastest S1 car I’ve ever tested for Lakehurst Forest Sprint. I think I shared the tune in the game - it’s both fast and grippy.

Still advertising your race I see. Lol.

It’s a different one to last week, as that was a sprint race, this one has to be a circuit race. I don’t really get anything in return for people using it, as I have all the cars I can buy and enough spare cash for PO cars in the AH if I ever found one, so I’m just trying to help people, the small number of credits the game gives me in return is of no significance at all.

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No AWD swap, in my case. Race tires, max width in the back, spacers to max. Platform and handling, transmission all upgraded to Race, and that’s about it. Minimal engine upgrades if anything. I think it came in at or near the top of S1.

Yes, the difficulty in marathon is chalenging. But even if the tunings are not perfect, you can also try to low down the drivatars difficulty settings. Anyway spend a bit more time with this car. It’s retro supercar, so you should know that they are not easy in drive like most of today’s supercars.

If you have assists on, turn OFF traction and stability control and run an AWD conversion. The McLaren is easy to drive, good handling but when you have assists on it turns into a bus because stability control keeps kicking in preventing the car from turning properly.


Try tuning it yourself.

My general tuning strategy is to go for handling/brakes/acceleration, and go for a PI tier thats reasonable, P1, A, B. Top speed stat is nice, but not everything;

  1. AWD switch
  2. top brakes.
  3. top differential
  4. top springs & anti roll bar
  5. Optimum (against the desired PI) naturally aspirated engine
  6. Optimum tires (against the required PI)
  7. Aero front and back
  8. weight reduction if possible.
  9. If theres any headroom left to the top of the PI tier, only then and lastly will i try to raise the car HP.

Some tuning options decrease the PI by added weight/drag (heavy alloys) you can use these if youre just over the threshold of the PI tier.

Then some simple tuning;
a) Play with the brake pressure until the stopping dist is optimised in the stats on the left.
b) Adjust the top gear to optimise the top speed/ acceleration, also in the left and stats.
c) Adjust the anti roll bar to optimise oversteer / understeer to your liking. - Read the guide on the left and tweek the stiff/soft by 3 or 4 notches, then test drive. If its not to your liking go back in tweek some more.
d) I might try to adjust the tire pressures and the front and back aero. But not as a general rule.

As has been said the F1 can be great in P1. I did the above and got what i think is a really good tune that suits my driving style, alot better than the ones that come up in the default search.

I like the car, but it’s a garbage car as far as racing goes. I refuse to spend ANY money on upgrades for it though. The ultimate speed skills were a little hard without upgrading but I managed.

Its one of my favorite and most used cars. I run it strictly RWD and naturally aspirated with no aero and no assists.

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