McLaren 720S Spider Tuned Performance Doesn't Match Coupe

I hope I’m not the only one who feels this. I know the Spider is heavier than the coupe, but how come a convertible with the same engine and same horsepower as its coupe counterpart gets less horsepower and not equal horsepower to the coupe when tuned? 720S Spider maxes at 949, 720S Coupe hits S2-998 at 1015 horsepower? Something’s up.

McLaren 720S Spider Test Drive

Have you looked into the upgrades to determine where it loses the power in comparison to the Coupe? Maybe not the highest tier of turbo upgrade?
I didn’t bother to upgrade it for S2 because the Coupe is already garbage on S2 998.
The spider works quite well as an S900 AWD snow/dirt tires build.

None of the upgrades really decrease the power of the car. Everything generally increases it, so it’s weird how I can put on everything in this and put on everything in the Coupe and horsepower numbers still don’t match.

None of the cars are really well modeled according to their real counterparts. I don’t think they really try or care.

They’ve had more time for tuning with the coupe, the electronics of the spider are giving them some issues i’ve heard. Hopefully in due time the spider will make some more power.