McLaren 600LT AWD swap lowers PI. Intended or bug?

Yesterday when I upgraded my 600LT to compete in the McLaren championship I noticed the PI went from 890 (stock) to 883 when installing the AWD swap, even though there were only increases in stats.
Am I missing something or is this a bug?

It’s the biggest flaw in the PI system and a major reason for the performance of the Bone Shaker & Track-Tor. I wouldn’t call it a bug. Simply a calculation problem.
I hope you’ll excuse me for not detailing it here because I have done so countless times in the past and I am just tired of repeating it over & over again without any sign of fixes.

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No worries about not detailing. Thanks for your answer. I tought I’d just pass it by here before filing a bug report.
I know how PI calculation works roughly. I knew especially the AWD swap had a very low PI ‘cost’.
It is the first time I saw PI being lowered while the car increased in performance though, so that’s why I posted.

It is not uncommon for a car to have a lower PI due to an AWD swap.
AWD swap is a very effective upgrade, but at the same time it increases in weight, and even a car with a 7-speed transmission like 600LT will be converted to a 6-speed gearbox.
As with roll cage upgrades, if Forza’s PI calculation does not improve performance beyond a certain level, upgrades that increase weight are considered detuned and PI decreases.