Mazda RX-7 FD setups?

Is there any legit S1 setup for the RX-7 FD that is NOT a Drift setup ? I tried looking for race setups for this car - since it’s one of my favorites - but all I can find is drift setups. I looked up online, in a bunch of different forums but literally could only find Drift setups. I want to race with my RX-7 FD ! I wish I could come up with my own but I’m way too stupid to develop an actual racing setup for a car. Is the RX-7 FD just not a good racing car, is that what it is ? Is trying to make it work on S1 just wishful thinking ? If that’s the case, then what would be the ideal class for this car ? I think I should note that I did try like, 3 random S1 setups I found while searching in-game but they didn’t perform very well when I went online. Please guys, I want to do my favorite car justice T_T

Any help is appreciated, and thank you for reading my dumb request. ^^

Alright then.

I have shared a tune for it. I am not totally happy with it but no harm trying.

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It will be decent as a racing car but the reason that the majority of the tunes you see are drift cars are because the car itself is known to be a drift car, like the s14 for example. I’ll make a tune for you if you want, probably have to put the 4 rotor engine in if you want it for s1.

Oh I definitely know why there’s so many Drift setups, it’s just that for me, who is more interested in racing, is difficult finding a good racing setup amongst the bunch, especially because some people don’t filter their setups to the right categories so often times I find good racing setups that aren’t exactly in the category that it should be in when searching, know what I mean ?

But yeah, I did try some random S1 setups I managed to find, they didn’t work all that well online (I only do Online Adventures, it’s fun !). Some were just too slow and others made the car feel like a bullet (fast, but can’t make a turn AT ALL lol). I’m not the world’s greatest racer, I do well in Online Adventures and everything but really I’m no master at the game, technically speaking I don’t know almost anything about cars, and when it comes to the game itself I have no idea what is the “optimal” way to play it and all the different strategies and techniques you can apply. So the issue for me when it comes to asking for setups is that, not only do I feel incapable of suggesting a setup that can work, but I also feel like I’m not qualified to deliver a cohesive feedback to that person, this is why I’m very skeptical about asking people for new setups.

The point of the topic was more of a “research”, I wanted to know if:

a. Anybody ever tried a RX7 setup for S1 and if it performed well against other racers.
b. In case the answer is “yes there is good setups for the RX7, but not for S1”, then what would be the class this car performs so well in ?

If anybody is willing to make a racing S1 setup for the RX7 then yeah, yay ! But like I said, the issue with that is that I don’t think I’m good enough of a player to give proper feedback or specify what exactly I’m looking for in a racing setup. And the point of the topic still stands, if anybody is doing well with the RX7 in any other class, what class would that be ?

I’ve owned 2 RX7’s in the 90’s and they were awesome. They drive like a Porsche and the older model was even modeled after the 944. I don’t see it being strictly a drift car… it handles way too good.

It’s on my bucket list of cars to paint and about the same time I make a several tunes… but having come across this I went ahead and seen what I came up with and I can say it makes a very good S1 class race car whether using the 4 rotor or V8 swap. I personally don’t like the high pitch of the 4 rotor and the V8 doesn’t sound right in a RX7 but that’s another subject. A good build would be

With the V8 you don’t need a turbo, swap in AWD, Sport tires, the usual drivetrain upgrades, and you can go full weight reduction, from there upgrade engine components to get 900. You can put the rocket bunny kit on but make sure to put a rear wing for downforce.

I get 562HP, 2700 weight which is pretty good

If you don’t know how to Tune you should learn to and it’s really easy. You’ll want to lower the final drive to about 3.20, put negative camber of -2.5, -1.5 and caster of 5.5-6, rollbars 15-20, max downforce, 150% braking force and lower rear decel

With this I’m getting 0-60 2.3, 0-100 6.3, 213MPH

Not bad at all and yes handles pretty good considering modest tire upgrades.

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Thank you very much for your input. Maybe I do need to take my time to understand how tuning works but I don’t know, from the outside looking in it looks like so much information to absorb, it’s kinda intimidating. Glad to hear you were satisfied with the RX7 in S1, I’ll try your suggestion and see how I perform.

But uh … you had two RX7’s in the 90s ? lol, that makes me think that you lived the time of your life back then.

Have you tried using a custom search in game for keywords other than drift?

Ok you misinterpreted what I said completely, which in a way it’s kinda my fault, I don’t think I explained myself very well. I know there is setups for S1, I mentioned in my first two texts that I tried some racing setups for S1 that I found while searching for them in the game. They didn’t perform too well when I went online however. I also mentioned that I only do Online Adventures and such, and there’s no car restriction in Online Adventures (muscle cars, JDM, Hypercars etc.) so any car that is S1 class can compete, that is the Saleen S7s, the Aston Martins, the Audis, the Lambos etc. Since I tried a decent amount (around 6 ?) of RX7 setups, I started to think that maybe the car just isn’t suited to compete in that class, which, once again, originated my two questions: Is there a good RX7 setup that can compete in S1 ? If not, then what class this car is better suited for ?

I know how to use the Forza search engine lol. Unfortunely some people don’t filter their setups the right way. Like I mentioned in my other post, I’ve come across amazing setups for my cars that were just out there in the “wild”, which means you couldn’t find it by searching any category. And there is A LOT of S1 setups for the RX7, and when you search for all S1 setups, with no specifications, you will come across a whole collection of drift setups. It’s kinda difficult to find the “hidden gems” that way, they are buried very deep. I have more stuff to do than spending a whole hour waiting for setups to load and testing them, which is another reason why I created this thread with the questions presented. It’s not my first option however, I always use keywords when I search for setups the first time, but if I’m not finding the right setup time and time again, I just search raw and see if I can find a good enough setup for me that way. So yes, I know how to use the Forza search engine, and no I didn’t search for racing setups in the “Drift” section, come on now lol.

Oh yesss… the first one lasted a year… I was 17 and lived in a small rural area, bordem set in quick but didn’t last long… And a 97 Subaru SVX which I ran to hell too came later. That handled like a beauty too