May I ask what on earth is going on with Rivals and best times?

As the title describes; I keep putting clean lap times on the board that slam the rival but it’s not recording it on the leader board???

Yes, I was wondering the same. Although it only happened to me once yesterday, multiplayer/league has been unavailable to me. With that said, I would assume that is the issue but then again I could not tell you. Seems as if the servers have had some sort of issue but I do not know. I have no knowledge of any issues but then again I haven’t really looked into it. I can’t possibly see this being an isolated issue…

Close the game, check that your console has all the available updates in dashboard Settings, power cycle the console, reload and try again. Go to the Mods menu and remove any you currently have applied and try again.

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Had the same issue earlier tonight, it come and goes. Did what MM sugested, but off to bed now. Will see in the morning.

Same thing just happened to me.

I suspect it indirectly relates to this:

I can confirm the same issue, though I believe it may be a server issue (at least on my end), I’ll try again later or tomorrow.

It will probably settle down after everyone has the new dashboard update.

Yep having some issues here also. Including not being able to load (or even see) any tunes, on any car, something’s up.

…looks like server issues right now.

It happened twice tonight, i thought it was just me.