May Forzathon

I can’t believe that page 1 of this forum goes back 5 days and not one mention that there are some Forzathon Challenges to do. I guess it doesn’t help that they didn’t show up as available in my game until AFTER the 1st one had popped while I was doing something else. They aren’t hard at all so I set the Road Atlanta and Hockenheim races you need to Long distances to make them last.

Probably because most people did the forzathon challenges within the first few days it was open and since they could all be done in under 20 minutes
And no one seemed to have issues getting it done

Here’s the thread on it anyway

Must have missed it then for some reason. I have to admit I don’t spend the time around here that I used to. A quick perusal at lunch on weekdays and in the AM on weekends. The atmosphere of this place just isn’t what it used to be.

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