May dlc release date

I was wondering when the May car dlc is released because they said it was released on April 6 and in the May car dlc guesses thread they have only released three clues so they better get cracking and release this dlc

based on passed experience the pack should be available to download in the next two to three hours.

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It’ll be released today, most likely, but you need to think from a American West Coast perspective, since that’s where T10 (the developers) are located. When I write this, “today” has barely started there. The DLC is not released on a time zone basis, i.e. it’s not released in Australia when May 6 dawns there, and then Asia, and then Europe, and so on… It’s released about the same time everywhere, so when you’ll actually have access to the DLC might depend on which Microsoft server you happen to be connected to in the XBL network.

Also, all ten clues were released more than nine hours ago in the May DLC car pack thread.

First of all clues are in the clue thread .
2nd … if you were looking there you would also of seen the johns post saying the car pack cars will be announced at 6am PST .
3rd the car pack actually releases the same time every month routhly 6 hours after the announcement ( when theres a clue thread ) .