May 7 content update and Forza Monthly livestream

Forza Motorsport 7 May 2019 Update
Brian Ekberg
Tuesday, May 7, 2019

1969 Ford Brawner Hawk III
2019 Chevrolet #22 Team Penske Dallara
2019 Chevrolet #2 Team Penske Dallara
2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Pace Car
2019 Honda #9 Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara
2019 Honda #15 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing Dallara
(see the article for the full description of each car, with photos)
video: May IndyCar Spotlight Cars


  • “In April Turn 10 launched the first public beta for Forza Race Regulations. With the May update, the team has added additional FRR functionality that players will be able to take advantage of. First up, lapped players will now be ghosted in both single- and multiplayer modes in the game (excluding lobbies like drift, tag or meetups). Second, players are able to enable the FRR rule-set in private lobbies. Note that, when setting up FRR-enabled private lobbies, players will only be able to toggle FRR rules on or off. Finally, the May update will see more granular FRR penalty times (now measured in .25-second increments), a direct adjustment to penalties based on feedback from the community.”
  • “Elsewhere with the May update, we’ve made some notable improvements to other aspects of the game, including adding a Spectate ticker to timed races, addressing several issues with car headlights in the game, and fixing a stability issue PC version of the Forza Motorsport 7 free trial.”


  • “As part of our May celebration of all things IndyCar, we’re holding a special Bounty Hunter event with the launch of the May update. For this Bounty Hunter, players will be driving the 2019 IndyCar of their choice on the Brickyard Speedway. Your competition? Ten real-life IndyCar drivers and owners who, in addition to prepping for the big race on May 26, will also be testing their skills in Forza 7 against the entire Forza Community.”
  • “The May IndyCar Bounty Hunter will last through the month of May, ending on June 5, at midnight UTC time. In addition to he Bounty Hunter event, look for a new Spotlight Rivals event going starring the 1969 Brawner Hawk III on the Sonoma Grand Prix circuit, as well as a new IndyCar Division Hopper starring the 2019 cars.”

Forza Monthly livestream - May 7

Kari Ga.ynor and Kristina Rothe talk Forza Race Regulations, and guest Conor Daly talks IndyCar.
Replay: Forza Monthly | May 2019 - YouTube

Content Update

Xbox One X size: 912.5 MB


I have been checking around for info on the Forza 7 May 2019 Update. I’m also hoping there will be a Modern Indy Car added as well (as a Bonus) Just my wishful thinking. Thanks for posting

Post Update (07May2019) Thanks again ManteoMax for the May 2019 Car Pack update … I am happy to see the contents of this car pack

Free May Spotlight Cars
1969 Ford Brawner Hawk III
2019 Chevrolet #22 Team Penske Dallara
2019 Chevrolet #2 Team Penske Dallara
2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Pace Car
2019 Honda #9 Chip Ganassi Racing Dallara
2019 Honda #15 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing Dallara

In looking at the first image in the post, those IndyCars have the universal aero kit. In the second image, the blurred orange and blue car in the background looks like Scott Dixon’s PNC Bank liveried IndyCar…with the universal aero kit.

If we are getting 2018/2019 IndyCars in FM7 I wonder if T10 will factor in the overall reduction of downforce compared to the modern IndyCars that are already in the game.


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Hmmmmm, Motorsport Concept Development?

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Look at the first image in Max’s post. That’s Rossi’s car. (I think) The sidewall of his tires are orange looking. The car next to it has black sidewall tires. Indy runs reds& blacks. Could it be we will be getting 2 tire options with these??? That would be kind of cool. (After a better look, that’s Dixon’s car on the left)

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Sun reflection.

Looks like a good stream and looking forward to it tomorrow.

Excited to find out more about the Next Motorsport, as part of my decision to stay Xbox vs Sony for next gen…

There been suggestions of upto 4 x 2018 cars plus 1 x classic.

This Indycar update and the FRR is positive sign Forza may returning to more a Motorsport focus.

I think the cars will have colored tyre walls as standard (or as scanned), and you can probably change them to stock black “race tyres”. But I doubt they are doing different compounds, etc in anything less than a full blown INDY Expansion… Would be Fantastic but not likely…

When do the release notes pop up? Right after the update goes live?

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IndyCar ist manly the Indy 500 and Long Beach. So I expect a superspeedway spec. If they bring only the road course spec than I’m not really interested.
Because than you have again fake aero at the Indy 500. A car with that spec didn’t run 230 mph per lap.
I mean when you look at david land YT channel, then you can understand why so many people left Forza. Maybe some devs should look his video on YT about the IndyCar Update. Because he say what a lot of other former Forza player think about the situation.

Even I do not agree that pcars2 on Xbox is a real alternative. Maybe on the X, but not on the old one.
But this guy is a typical player who have lost the interest on Forza.

If turn 10 really want to get that part of the community back, they should do things right and not let us drive a road course Indy car with superspeedway speed.

Im interested if they have the authentic steering wheel. Because even they have a universal bodykit driver have different steering wheel. Rahal have a different than Rossi.

Maybe some think that this not important but for a motorsport fan such details means a lot.

I agree with most of what you said. The steering wheel is not that important to me though. As long as it’s an Indy steering wheel I can look past that. The road course UAK is the better looking of the 2. (IMHO). But I would rather have both aerokits so if I want to race at Indy it would be in the super speedway configuration. The performance numbers are the most important as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully it will match closely to the real life figures. If it helps anyone, I’ve set the power down to around 75-80 for the old car so it would match a little closer to their top speeds at Road America, COTA, Long Beach, etc etc. Hopefully this update will be a good one. Cheers everybody.

I totally agree, the aero kits seem to be nothing more than a gimmick. Every Indycar we get, past and present, is in oval spec, despite which wings are shown to be on it.

First off THANK YOU!!! for the car pack. Any way to take the pace lights off, just ugly!!! But the Brawner is one off my all-time favs

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Would have been nice if they capped off the list with the AJ Foyt Ford Gilmore for some awesome 60s and 70s indy car racing but it’s all good. These are still some nice new freebie additions.

Just wanted to thank you guys for the free cars.

The Ford Brawner has no shifting animation - unbelievable! You guys are first party developers, at least hire a remote or contractual quality testing team!

Any possibility of being able to remove the flashing roof lights on the ZR1 pace car in a future update?

Too bad no updated car sound files or general improvements to the sound balance/dynamic range, but decent update all in all, thank you!

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One of best carpacks of Forza 7! I would not change anything… Thank you very much for the gift and for the improvements!

Very unfortunate to see the terrible way sections of those beautiful new IndyCar cars are divided in the paint booth. You can’t even properly paint the sides of the front wing without messing up the entire car!

What exactly was in the update?

Great car pack! On a different note, and slightly off topic, the Apollo IE was added to Forza Horizon 4 in this update. Will it be coming to Forza Motorsport 7 and if yes, when? I love that car and would love to drive it.

Can you remove the lights on the ZR1?