Maximum Garage Limit

Does anyone think that the maximum amount of cars you are allowed to have at once should be raised?

Because for probably the 5th time during my time playing I’ve hit the dreaded limit of 550 cars at once.
I know this won’t be an issue for most people but when you have one of every car, then all of the VIP cars, car pack car’s, expansion car’s and so on, it becomes a pretty easy number to hit especially if you have multiple of some cars.

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Probably not, for me at least.

I tested all cars(excluding some DLC ones. I’m with Deluxe Edition) and then took the following approaches:

  1. Ditch the cars that I don’t enjoy to drive at all (which already means gone a considerable portion of all car models and possible duplicates for 'em). I never ever felt the urge to re-purchase any of those except 1 or 2.
  2. When tuning a car I usually only build a single most suitable online tune for it. E.g. Most US Muscle cars with their stock tire compound grip are most suited for “Balanced” B-Class build(by FH3 standards). Putting them in S1 and they wouldn’t have sufficient high speed cornering G to be competitive overall against modern cars even at same 900PI rating.

Well unless u’re sort of the weirdo who, for instance, would build a separate jelly tune for every single car model, then I’ve got nothing more to say … :stuck_out_tongue:

This becomes a big problem when you have more than 20 of each GTR, S14 and RX7

Thats your problem for having 20 of each of them

There’s no need to have 20 of each
It’s just greed


Leave them in the auction house. I also struggle the whole time with the limit of 550 cars. I only claim on a day to day basis the cars I want to sell that day. It is a hussle as I have over 1750 cars in the auction house queue and scrolling down takes ages. As far as I know I never lost a car from the auction house and the oldest cars in the queue I bought about 7 weeks ago.

I’ve been battling the 550 car limit for months. Why can’t it be closer to 1,000? Gran Turismo 4 did it on the PS2 and that had to fit all its save data on a 8MB memory card.

I’m one of the weirdos who has to have a separate car for each tune. Also I have 10 FD RX-7s.

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While I’m no expert when it comes to this sort of stuff and therefore my statement should be taken with a grain of salt as I could be wrong, I believe that owned car entries in Horizon 3 take much more space than in GT4.

Think about it: in Horizon 3, each car can have a color selected from a free range of HSV values, and thousands of different layers of decals and vinyls, each one having several different properties that can be freely manipulated by the player. All of those options can really add up when thinking about the scope of 550 cars.

Gran Turismo 4, on the other hand (if I recall correctly), doesn’t offer much in terms of customization. When it comes to visual personalization, pretty much the only things that can be changed by the player normally are the paint, which is probably pulled from a lengthy list of some hundreds of colors and visual properties, and wheels, which are likely integers that also read from a database of rims loaded into the memory of the game. While that is a lot in its own right, there are most likely millions of combinations of different colors alone in Horizon 3, let alone the potential 5000+ layer designs, so there’s much more data to be considered.

I believe the save file for Gran Turismo 4 is around 1400KB if I’m not mistaken. While I don’t know how much of that is actually car data, it might truly dwarf in comparison to the H3 data (of which I don’t know the size of). It could be a large amount of megabytes in itself. Coupled with the fact that the saves are usually saved to cloud storage frequently whenever someone is connected to the internet, the saves from the possibly hundreds of thousands of players could really add up with all of this in mind, and I could imagine MS/PG wanting to not waste a bunch of their cloud storage space and potentially money by raising a garage limit that most players aren’t going to get even close to anyways.

I’d like more garage space myself, and I’m probably wrong about everything I just said, but it seems reasonable enough that they’d have this mentality when it comes to the garage limit.

Doesn’t matter if you’re 100% right or wrong, you still make the good point that FH3’s got a whole lot more to remember than “car name | spoiler yes/no | wheel #”. And from that I don’t think the servers quite appreciate the maniac with 500 liveried cars uploading his save to the cloud every day. That’s definitely where I think the limit comes from, the cloud saving.

I just checked my GT4 save file with about 95% completion and 900+ cars, only 1498kb!

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And then there’s me, I just like to have one of each car, and i leave them bone stock and drive them around aimlessly.


And you dont have to worry about running out of garage space either


That is me as well. :slight_smile:

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Well I’m one of the people that yeah some cars I have multiple of but not to the point of having 10+ of any set car, the most I have is 6 of one car and that’s the S14 that was only available from Forzathon events.

But if you have all the cars, from events, all the base cars in the game, DLC cars and expansion cars you will be getting close to that limit even without doubles.

I think it sucks, but then again I love to fiddle with tuning and painting. I often end up having to sell cars because my garage is full

I know my game started performing worse as I increased my car count closer to 500.

I don’t understand it but I think for some reason there is a limit above which performance starts dropping.

I would only want the garage spaces increased if the game engine can handle it.


I’ve got well over 400 cars now, could this be why I haven’t received a Drivatar recruit in a while? If so, I might try selling/deleting all cars I don’t use. I wanted to own all the cars in the game, but if game performance suffers because of a high car count, then it’s no longer worth it to me to own all the cars.

I already owned all the cars in the game, but you don’t get anything for that. All you get is a garage full of unsellable cars. I wouldn’t do that again.

Now that the Xbox One X has been released and an “enhanced” patch will be coming in January for FH3, I agree they need to “enhance” the garage limit way above 550. With all the Forzathons (dupes) and cars I have yet to buy, I am near 550 easily.

they wont change the garage limit , it’s a memory limit set by Microsoft
if you only have 1 of each car in the game its only about 530 cars

We’re not really supposed to own multiple of each car, which is why the prize cars in Forza 7 are being limited to just one each.

Unfortunately, people make different builds and download different designs, and it’s more convenient to have each build as separate cars due to the mapping in the body parts not always matching in cars with many different customizable options.

In online mode you can’t also easily switch between builds, but you can switch between cars, so it’s easier to own multiple rather than have just one with multiple builds.

tl;dr The garage spots we have right now are more than enough. I’m more concerned about the design limit, myself… Especially because homemade designs and solid colors count towards the limit, opposite to what the game states. :frowning:

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To limit us to 550 is ridiculous! Dumbest rule in the game!

I have to auction a car each week just to get the Forzathon car.