Mauricio's photo gallery!

I’ve been playing FH4 since launch but I’ve been way too lazy to create a gallery. I have finally gathered a couple of pics for you to see. Enjoy!

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Some more!

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One more update!


Really nice stuff!!! You have some incredible shots here! 720S and the top down Aston Martin over the stop painted in the road are my favorites

Looks like someone forgot to close the road for the other road users. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks BV! I appreciate it :smiley:

He got the memo a little bit late :stuck_out_tongue:



Gotta love the new Vantage

Bonus track!

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Wow these shots are utterly amazing. I think the vantage S shot would have been better if the car was in the centre of the road and there was no traffic

Very nice gallery here! I would suggest zooming in a tad more for some shots, but great variety and skill all around. I love your use of world objects (fences and poles) to really contrast and make the car ‘pop’ out of the image! Some aperture in these shots would be really good, and enhance that ‘popping’ effect you know how to do very well.

Well done on the gallery!

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Thanks for your words guys! This motivates me to keep searching for new angles and improve my shots. I have some other shots that I haven’t uploaded just yet, but I will soon.

Really like the look of the Bug on the beach shot. The way the colours of the different parts - sky, sea, beach - come together is lovely.

Some more!

Thanks guys! I should jump back into it again, been playing too much BFV lately

Very nice work on this:

Love the atmosphere. Also really liking the last two of the blue Vantage!

I really like this one! Nice work.

I like this a lot, captures the attitude of a Demon well

Thank you very much guys!

Here are some new shots. Fortune Island and new photomode is a great combo. Enjoy!

Love that BMW shot on the road and the northern lights!!!

My favourite from your last few updates is this shot.

Thanks for you comment! I’ve been away because I went to see the real Northern lights

Aurora by Mauriciooo!, en Flickr