Matching Cars to Multiplayer Hoppers?

Can anyone tell me what cars are used for the different Multiplayer Hoppers? I have purchased several C Class cars and yet I cannot find a Hopper that will accept them. This is very frustrating as there is no guide (or at least I have yet to find one) to show which cars can be used in which Hopper. It was so much easier in F6 as you selected races by Class. Secondly, after building my car, where can I test drive and adjust my tune? Another F6 takeaway? It was so easy in F6 and now I don’t know where it is.

Any help with these simple tasks would be greatly appreciated.

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There is already a few threads in other places that answer your questions but to save you a search as I’m bored at work:

Multiplayer hoppers are sorted by car division not by class now (except breakout which is A class), best thing to do is look at the list of hoppers and what divisions they feature then decide which division has cars you fancy driving. Frustrating I know when all you want to do is race a certain car and there is no division for it, first week choices were very sparse but I really ended up enjoying both the modern hot hatches and classic street muscle divisions (both not really what I would choose to drive first too).

There are websites around that list all the cars on Forza 7 and can be sorted by division as well as many other things, not sure if I can link to any on here so Google is your friend in this instance.

When in your garage you can press x to bring up a sort by list then select division and it will sort your garage into divisions instead of manufactures at the top to make your life a bit easier too.

As for tuning, you want to use freeplay, where you can access test drive mode, just set the race up for whatever track and division/class you are tuning - side note when choosing a track you can press y on the tracks to show the leader board for the division your race is setup for that track. I have had a few issues with loading setups while in the menu in pit lane or in test drive mode itself so I only load tunes in main menu if possible so bear that in mind. Personally, I set up a 2 or 3 lap race then restart, make a tweak then run another race - good way of making some credits/xp while tuning instead of doing it in test drive mode. Might take a little longer but at least I’m earning some money back instead of just spending on cars and different parts for builds etc.

Hope that all helps =)