Mastering Mulsanne achievement

I was looking through my locked achievements and I noticed this one. Just wondering what you do exactly, obviously nascar doesn’t race at Le Mans lol

Also Is the dlc on par with the Porsche pack, in terms of the single player campaign?

I’ve honestly been too busy running the new oval and the rival on the road course.

I’ve completed the fist volume and so far it’s been very similar layout of SP campaign. Which I have liked so far.

I’ve not done any showcases and I really like the new track the road course is a pretty cool ribbon though fighting for the top spot on LBs of throb all have been where I spent my limited playtime at. Mindless white noise of engine revving kind what I need to relax

I know the second section of SP is in Europe haven’t done lasarthe but i think have done a couple European tracks me imagine you pretty much run all the tracks in the game before its all said and done

Not sure I would say on par with Porsche as all these cars are fairly similar as opposed to 914, 718, 919, 962. Etc. Porsche had d class to P class covered and this is like getting in different Indy cars.

I like it but not quite the same in comparison to that respect

If i remember right,it is the 4th block of the Nascar Expansion career,Road to Le Mans… 5 races

Since the other guy didn’t really explain how this achievement works, I felt I should. It’s fairly self explanatory, but the description is kinda vague. This achievement is not one that you’d miss, if you’re going through the whole NASCAR World Tour. It unlocks after completing the 4th expedition… Both sections of it. Once the final race is completed, it’ll unlock on the Rewards screens. It may unlock a badge too, but I can’t remember.

As for comparison to the Porsche Expansion, in my opinion, the NASCAR Expansion is better, but I’m a NASCAR guy through and through. All of the cars are basically the same, because the NASCAR Rulebook states they have to be as close to each other as possible, for the competition to be as close as possible. If you have a tuning setup that you like for one car, write it down and use it for ALL of the other NASCAR Stock Cars. The cars ARE supposed to handle just a little differently from the others, but Turn 10 didn’t get that aspect good enough, in my opinion. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still fun, because it is.

The Porsche Expansion is better for the variety of cars, if that’s what you’re into. The NASCAR Expansion has basically 3 cars (Chevrolet SS, Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry) with 24 different liveries. Whereas the Porsche Expansion has 24 different vehicles, all with different stats, where the NASCAR cars have the exact same stats on all 24 of them. That’s the reason a setup that works for one, WILL work for the others.

You will just have to run both of them to see which one you like better. That’s the only way you’re going to find out which one is better. Because what I may like may not be what someone else likes, so it’s hard to tell based on someone else’s review of the product, in this case, the Expansions.

One aspect that I didn’t like in either Expansion, is the fact that you have to run all of the World Tour races in stock cars, meaning you can’t upgrade them to handle better, or go faster. Now, if those car stock have tunable parts in them, then you can tune the cars, like with the NASCAR cars, but from what I remember about the Porsche Expansion, there weren’t too many cars that you could fully tune to make them drive better/more comfortable for your driving style.

All of this is my opinion, with some facts thrown in. I personally like the NASCAR Expansion better as I am a NASCAR guy, wishing I had a shot to run against Dale Earnhardt, Jr, Chase Elliott, and the others on a weekly basis. But I can’t, so I have to get that feel through the video games, so this NASCAR Expansion was very welcome to the Xbox One, as there isn’t a NASCAR game for the Xbox One yet. Hope all of this info helps you some.

Very well explained,JTerk… i’m a Porsche guy,but i like this NASCAR Expansion much more.