Marking tickets “Solved”

My son bought the house in Forza Horizon 4 which we both play which allows fast travel and he can’t fast travel. We own nearly all the games. We lost 100,000,000 credits in Forza 6. Response was sorry we don’t support that title. Told support my designs weren’t being loaded from other versions into 4… received no response other than how would you rate our support. Told support son is having his cars missing, credits missing, support responds “ how was our support? “Ticket Solved” Turn 10 automated response is a joke. You guys need to address issues and acknowledge a problem and let us know you actually read the service tag and acknowledge there is a bug and what the bug is. If someone looses points reset their game to a previous version before someone hacked your servers. It’s frustrating playing cheaters who are clearly hackers from countries with no laws. Keep them on the same server and let them fight it out. It’s frustrating playing Eliminator with mini coopers who easily pass level 8,9 & 10 cars. Lastly I have spent many many hours designing cars which I did not mind sharing to help promote the game. Until you guys actually treat us more respectful I’m not sharing any of my several hundred designs anymore.

Just FYI, …no one from support, the development team, etc, is going to see this; they don’t come here; just players and forum moderators. This thread will probably get locked, too, I imagine.

And while I totally hear and understand your frustration, withholding your liveries/designs/user-created content in no way punishes or harms support or the dev. team. Your work is actually more self-promotion than game promotion, nevertheless, the only ones that you’ll be punishing by withholding said work are the people you’ve inspired that have chosen to follow you.


I do agree Forza Support is pretty crap but the cheating part is not. PG handles cheaters very well in this game. Just because you feel someone is cheating doesnt means he is 100% cheating.

You’re joking, right? PC modders are “violating” every opening in this game they can find like there’s no tomorrow. Online racing, leaderboard times, the auction house, etc are constantly being exploited.

PG may very well punish in-game cheating sufficiently, however, but handling/tackling/blocking the problem as a whole, …no, they are failing miserably.


I was mostly talking about online racing.

My own experience is that they are not doing this at all. I raced against an obvious speed cheat about 2 months ago. I immediately reported him, as did at least two other people in the same race. I know that he did about another 60 adventures that month and was reported by others as well. He’s now a grandmaster and probably now will limit himself to one adventure a month - just to retain that rank. Given that only 100 players can be grandmasters at any one time, he’s potentially taking up a place from someone who isn’t a cheat.

I haven’t checked this month but the last two monthly rivals very obviously had a collection of cheat times at the top - set using “auto” when manual clutch was needed to do the best times. Those times just sat there all month when they could have easily been identified and removed. Some people are extremely talented AND do 100s of laps to get really quick times and it’s a real shame that they are below cheats.

Frankly, all I’ve seen suggests that they are woefully bad at dealing with in game/race cheating. Dealing with money glitch cheats, dodgy paint jobs and time glitching seems to be much better policed.

Totally agree, they can manage what is obvious but speed hack is still active and kills game’s fun. The issue is that it requires dev, nothing that can be managed through support … I just wish they could detect them all at once and achieve a big ban finger snap shot, I would enjoy that so much, …


And one of those, I personally took the time to report every single one of the people who was above the true #1.

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You have a couple of valid points but Mini Coopers are not faster than high level cars. If you think they are, the simple solution would be to not upgrade, keep the mini and win.

The system is just a conduit into another system. They use “solved” to indicate that it has been passed from one system into another. I’d guess the reason it’s organised like this is because end users can’t be expected to organise the tickets for them, so they need to take every ticket and try to find the same problem in the existing set of tickets in the next system in the chain, so that it’s more organised and just has one ticket per issue.

Where it goes a bit wrong is that ideally, tickets in the 1st system would become linked to tickets in the 2nd system, so that the end user is notified when their problem is actually fixed.

This month is actually better because the nature of Ambleside means that the usual cheats still need to be able to corner - there’s no straights. Only 1 cheat time - who I think is also a good driver (but not 3 tenths quicker in Auto than Olsson, No3 etc running MC).