Marketplace Auctions and Extremely Slow Claim Time

I know I cant be the only one having 3-5 minute wait times to either reclaim an auction car or collect a car I bought off an auction. I know its not anything on my side. I’m on the east coast of USA and running a wired connection at 120 mbs with good NAT.


Reclaim time varies for me. Some cars take about 15 seconds, others take up to 2 minutes. It seems random and not related to my internet speed, so it is likely something in the server side. It’s also one of the reasons why I hate auctioning cars unless I need more garage space.

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This process was always quite quick until a couple of weeks ago. I am now experiencing what Sierra Skye19 is experiencing in the auction house as far as reclaim times are concerned.

Are you going to the actual auction page or pressing Y for the auction options?

This is on the actual auction site. In particular, I had several cars that did not sell. I clicked on one of the cars, clicked the reclaim box and waited (and waited). This has not taken any near as long to reclaim an unsold car until recently

Yeah, go to the my auctions tab, go to the desired auction, click Y and you can choose to collect the credits/reclaim car and go to the tuners and painters creative hub if applicable. It takes, maybe 15 seconds for the whole process and less than 5 seconds for subsequent auctions. You don’t have to go to the actual auction page where you get the forzavista view of the car.

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I get slowness in the garage too … Changing cars to apply perk points … Sometimes it would take minutes to select another car …
Next time I start game it is OK…then another random time slow again
This is since last update

Reclaiming a car is a painfully slow process - exacerbated by the fact it’s not a car you actually want to retain anyway. Why can’t there be an option to immediately re-auction a car that hasn’t sold, rather than having to re-claim it and then relist?

Playground Games have a potato for a server. Ever since FH1 their servers have been painfully slow. That is when they worked!

It’s much easier to remove unwanted cars from your garage than to auction them and try to reclaim them.