Marching Motors League season 2/24/18 through 3/24/18

Details for the next season of FM7’s Leagues has been posted in game. The season reward is the 2012 MINI John Cooper Works GP Forza Edition and this season has 4 series(A series starts at 7 PM EST, might be affected by Daylight Savings Time which begins on 3/11/18 which would make it 8 PM EDT):

Series 1:

Runs from 2/24/18 to 3/3/18


  1. Rebirth of Muscle Ghost
  2. Rise of the Supercar Simulation
  3. 2014 BMW M4 Spec Ghost

Reward: 2014 Ford FPV Limited Edition Pursuit Ute Forza Edition

Series 2:

Runs from 3/3/18 to 3/10/18


  1. GT Racing Reborn Ghost
  2. Vintage Sport GT Simulation
  3. #30 Ferrari F333 Spec Sim

Reward: Grease Monkey Driver Gear(Not listed in Driver Gear yet)

Series 3:

Runs from 3/10/18 to 3/17/18

1.Showroom Rally Ghost
3. Supercars Championship Simulation
3. 2017 Nissan GT-R Spec Cosmetic

Reward: 2015 Audi S3 Sedan

Series 4:

Runs from 3/17/18 to 3/24/18


  1. Formula 90’s Ghost
  2. Forza Touring Cars Simulation
  3. Lotus 2-Eleven Spec Ghost

Reward: Blue Robot Driver Gear

If anyone can double check what the rewards are, it’ll be appreciated given that it is possible that I’ve mistaken a car for something similar to it.

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Those are all correct. The Series 2 reward Driver Gear is Grease Monkey (currently not in the menu).

Reference for newcomers:

Help menu:

Leagues overview

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Thank you for checking on those rewards and for naming the Series 2 reward driver gear. When checking to see what each reward is, I look at the thumbnail and then search the car collection for the car and then go to Rental Cars to get the full name of that car while the process for driver gear involves going through the list of driver gear and checking each one that resembles the driver gear in question until I find the driver gear in question if it is currently listed. In this case, one driver gear was listed while the other was nowhere to be found for the time being.

I haven’t played in Leagues in a few weeks, but when I last played I noticed some changes to the way that points are awarded:

Has this change in points scoring affected how people approach races now? Specifically:

  • Have people stopped intentionally lowering their grid positions by setting slow/dirty laps in races?
  • Have people stopped intentionally lowering their grid positions by backing out of and rejoining a lobby?

Also, how active are the Pinnacle Band races now during European evenings, is it easy to find a room with 10+ players?

In addition it seems that single events will no longer award any points. You must keep doing consecutive races to rack up points.

Overall these are great series, especially Ghost, can’t wait to race GT Racing Reborn!

Looks like some badly needed adjustment has taken place if this is true.

Being a more or less average driver I really got fed up with the points given ( and especially taken away !). quite often I was violently rammed off the track, losing my midfield position and finding myself at the very end soon. This in combination with a few connection losses made me lose all points earned before. In consequence I do a ghost race from time to time just enough to collect the rewards and that´s it.
I don´t care much for my grid position, because I know of my lack of high class driving skills, but it was a frustrating experience for me. But I might give it another try.


@PJTierney - I can tell you that if you set the fastest lap in a race, you will start in last place in the next race, rather than first. It doesn’t make sense from a grid standpoint, but with how the points system is set up, at least now there is incentive to get a fast lap.

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Starting last after setting a fastest clean lap doesn’t happen in Grassroots, does this happen in Pinnacle? I have been in races where I set the fastest clean lap time and start on the front of the grid.

I only compete in a few League races each week, enough to get the reward and move up or down the Ranks and I have just been promoted into the next Band, Enthusiast as I recall. Wether it is one race or a few races, I was still getting points for competing but I get more points on the first race and finish above my starting position and even more if I podium or win. I am not a great racer but with a good tune I can occasionally win races with my standard Forza controller.

Hate to ask this question again, but I’ve seen no real confirmation either way so maybe I’ll find something here:

To win any of the prizes, do you actually have to “win” a race? All the races? Have the best score at the end of the season? Or, do you just have to participate, and by “participate” I mean complete at least one race in one of the league events. Or do you have to complete a race in each of the league events? I ask because for last season, I ran numerous races in the Ghost event (R-Class in the 911 GT1 Strassenversion), got one podium, didn’t participate in any of the other events. I have not received any of the prizes (the ATS-V FE or driver gear); perhaps they haven’t been handed out yet? Or have I not done enough to earn them?

To get a series reward, all one has to do is complete 1 race in any of the 3 events for that series and it will be rewarded once you visit the Leagues menu when the series closes. To get the season reward, all one has to do is complete a single race in at least 1 of the series for that league season and it will be rewarded once you visit the Leagues menu when the new league season begins.

To answer your question, given that you have finished at least one race in this week’s series, you will get the driver gear and FE car once you visit the Leagues menu past 7 PM EST on 2/24/18.

Thanks Ace.

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Looking forward to GT Racing Reborn and Touring Cars. Great lineup this series.

Just did a race in the M4. Not ghost


Yeah, Sim Ghost my eye…same as last time but they changed it real quick then the snapperhead mod acted like i was crazy and his overlords were without fault… its like they got the most car illiterate nerds that have only putting gas in their Prius’ as experience to make a racing game



  1. Rebirth of Muscle Ghost
  2. Rise of the Supercar Simulation
  3. 2014 BMW M4 Spec Ghost

#3 Spec ghost is actually spec cosmetic, just had a race and half the grid crashed of 12 people,… Of course no way of catching up and they left,… I placed last as usual.

Was just in race against you with a different gamertag
Hmm who is doing the crashing
But you still came last or close to it
Wish i kept the replay

Just because you can bump others in what is supposed to be a ghost league doesnt mean you should
Retaliators arent any better than the original crashers

Was also in a full ghost race against you later on
Same result too
Second to last


I was doing Elite Factory Racers a couple days ago, Ghost lobby… Some people driving in reverse for some reason. :smiley:

The next race I was 3rd, my game froze and I left, lost points too because it counts as DNF. :frowning:

So what do you think the chances of anyone reading this thread and fixing the solid ghosts?

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Yes it is labelled wrong but I’ll be fair I just did 4 races on the spin in the bmw series and with the exception of racing mistakes I didn’t really see much ramming fairly clean good racing 5th 3rd 3rd and 1st. Not a bad start to this league season. Keep up the clean racing.

Happy motoring.

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