March wall ride fix

Just noticed today that almost all contacts with the walls slow you significantly down and the car is ghosted for couple of seconds. Don’t know if it’s just my wishful thinking, but I like that. The ghosting could last bit longer though, as the slowed down cars usually obstruct racing line.

So guys what do you think about it ?

My today’s experience :

  • Great to see guys coming full speed to wall ride and slow down
  • Push people to race clean
  • 2s of penalty for a tree in free roam is quite hard but ok → pushing people to use roads or bet on luck, or use off roads cars …
  • Rammers rapidly found the interest of it to get rid of a challenger → ramming increased
  • Very bad of it, it’s slow you down sometimes on basic jumps like in cross country, that’s kind of annoying to take 2 seconds penalty on a clean jump

Did they accidentally include the wall ride fix that they said they had to delay because would slow you down over jumps in cross country?

Do you really think it’s an accident that it got added the exact same time their new series 7 garbage started, where they force people to play ranked adventure if they want to get exclusive cars? I seriously doubt it. They just said, “Oh, time’s up” and released a broken fix.


Looks like the “fix” relies on same collision detection than for rivals in FH3 which has the same issue on jumps. I think they just figured out fixing the fix will require to modify the collision detection which possibly they don’t know how to achieve. End of the day they simply took the quick and dirty way, release the thing, we are in Agile that is minor bug, not blocker for release, we will fix that later

Not seeing the wall riding fix at all, sure you’re not having a placebo affect?

And yes, about 50% through summer season already. Trial completed in an S812 against S900 drivatars and won 3-1.

Must have been removed, i raced yesterday and on dirt tracks everyone was merrily wallriding behind each other.

on the first race,i thought my gamepad is broken…even slightly catching a wall with the backside,activates it-but thats ok…btw need another dirt car for 998,my tvr is too hard to controll :slight_smile:

The ‘Senna’ fixes up nicely as a S2 [998] dirt car … excellent control. maybe try that.

I don’t like at all. I get smashed into a wall and i get the slowdown. That is exactly what rammers want. so good job PGG for making this even more rammer friendly.


I had raised it when people proposed that and here we are. People having requested heavy slow down were thinking about long wall ride on walls to take turn but PG/T10 just put penalty on collision detection and here we are, gigantic gift for rammers, never seen so much ramming on FFAA, never ever.


This is exactly the concern I voiced when people were discussing possible solutions. Any wall-riding deterrment has to be intelligent, or it will do nothing more than provide more incentive to ram opponents into them on every turn. Obviously no one at Playground could figure that out. eyeroll


It’s going to be difficult to develop a system that intelligently determine who’s as fault for wallriding. Just remove the walls to get rid of the crutch for people who can’t manage to navigate a turn properly


I agree that removing the walls would be a fair fix

… however, a couple of streams back, while discussing the wall riding, it was boldly stated that the ‘walls’ were there, and shaped the way they are, to allow less experienced players to be able to negotiate [hah] the turns in a way that they could ‘keep up with the pack’ the shaping being done in a manner that always corrected things for the learner driver and on exiting the turn, they would be placed back on a 'driving line [effectively pointing in the right direction]

my point with this explanation being made to justify helping those less capable to be able to achieve a reasonable race out-come, yet, when discussing new content to the game [the skills story, the weekly/seasonal PR stunts, showcase re-vamps] the same Devs [in stream] now explain the events now have higher minimum targets to attain a ‘task completed’.

The walls help less the experienced/skilled player but now the new content and the Festival Playlist reminds these same players that they are not quite good enough!

There has to be a better way so that everyone whatever their level can achieve all rewards, even if it is going to take the less skilled, those with physical or mental handicaps, those with time restraints or even those that don’t like some particular events/activities a little longer or perhaps offer an alternative travel path to the rewards

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I haven’t played it yet, but from what I heard last week, this sounds like what I was afraid of. Trying to detect from player movement when wall riding might be happening, and having the unintended side effect of unfairly punishing accidental contact with the wall, or being rammed into the wall by another player. There were some reasonable suggestions on offer, like increasing friction along the wall, or adding bumps or crevices to bring a car to a stop. But they opted for the imperfect and over complicated approach that only introduces more problems. Which may be one way of doing it, if they’d gotten the bugs ironed out, and not just thrown it out there without any polish.

Is it only enabled in multiplayer? Or does it affect single player as well.

I very much hope it is multiplayer only, but fear the worst.

Excellent! I was fully expecting a cure-is-worse-than-disease solution.


Was good while it lasted. Looks like the walls are back to ‘normal’. Pity, I’d rather have walls that slow you down and risk rammers using it against you than what we have now with almost everyone using walls one way or another in a race.

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I think they hardened it, collision needs to be harder in order to trigger it but it is still there, I was crashed in wall and sure 100% I had the slow down on engine preventing me to catch up for like 2s

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I just test this at PVP race and wallriding works just like it’s work last 6 months.

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