March 16 content update - car mastery hotfix

Has anyone else received a 148MB today on Xbox? not sure what was for, couldn’t find any patch notes. Just curious.

I got it too. Also don’t know why.

I got a ~39GB update on PC. I was hoping for the promised hotpatch to resolve the crash-on-game-startup issue, but that does not seem to be fixed.

That’s not an update
Not that size anyway

Yes, I thought I was going crazy! Today, we had this update for version 1.404.570.0 on Xbox One and I searched here on the forums and on the support site.

Absolutely nothing.

I even tweeted to @forza_support on Twitter about 10 hours ago and had no answer. We know it’s a hotfix, but some clarification on what’s being corrected is a must. And to this moment, almost a day after the release, we have no info at all.

Oh, I’m in Brazil and the portuguese version of the Forza Support site is abandoned… latest patch notes date back to May 15th, 2019!!! Very sad.

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Saw something on their FB page saying no patch notes were available yet and that the post would be updated. I can’t seem to find it now.

I had an update last night.

FH4 Update

Looks like they fixed the Ford Focus PO bodykit as well.

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Nooooo, I loved it with the messed up body kit. Bummer.


The “fix” is voluntary, level 1 fitment upgrade fixes it, the stock form stays the same

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Release notes:

FH4 Release Notes: March 16th, 2020