any chance of some more info on the FH2 map? europe sounds cool but will it feature awesome stretches of road such as the stelvio pass or the autobahn? and any real world circuits to visit like catalunya, ect?

I’m sure we’ll learn more at E3 … not much else before. Stay tuned. Fall 2014 is a long way away, yet.

If you are about to type what I think you want to say … I’ve edited ‘October’ to read ‘Fall 2014’. A quick slip in thinking of the original Horizon’s release.

IGN has said they’ll be providing more info on FH2 throughout the month. Today’s the teaser and we’ll see gameplay next week, so maybe we’ll be able to tell something about the map from footage.

eyes toes and fingers crossed then lol, E3 is this monday right?

All we know so far is that the map will include elements of Southern France and Northern Italy. Nothing else as of yet.

monte carlo is a possibility then :smiley:

Ah … now, you are getting wish list-y. Heh.

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They’ve also said it will have three times the drivable area. Hopefully that drivable area is in favour of roads and not just loads of fields. =)


From the map that was leaked about 90% or more of the map was off-road from what I saw and it’s cool but I love drifting and thats not good if its mostly off-road. I hope they have amazing mountain roads to drift on like red rock in FH1.

It doesn’t look like we’ll get mountain roads, but we definitely have the cliff edges of the mediterranean, which should be just as fun.

The removal of barriers will definitely help with that. I remember many people, players and reviewers alike, criticised Horizon’s map for feeling more like a Colorado-themed racetrack than an actual environment, since you were for the most part restrained to roads. But being able to truly explore like this will make it feel much more like a real place where you’re creating your own story, rather than following a specific road to each location.


“three times the drivable area.”

That is a tricky phrase for sure. Triple the width of all the roads in H1, and you still don’t come close to filling the map, though you would effectively just about triple the driving area, in theory. Mathmatically, just off the top of my head, you’d lose some at intersections, tight hairpins, etc, from the overlap, so it wouldn’t quite triple the space.

Now of course they are not just going to give us roads that are three times has wide, but I’m thinking the increase is a combination of more roads, and more areas like H1’s golf course. Without knowing what exact measure they are using to justify “three times the drivable area”, it’s hard to guess the mix.

I also find it interesting they’ve made a point of saying “no more invisible walls.” That doesn’t mean no more sealed off areas. To me, it just means they’ll block them off with hedgerows and stone works, rather than just having us bonk into invisible barriers.

From what I’ve seen so far, I think they will make some kind of effort towards a more open world, but probably not has open has some think. I also have the feeling we aren’t going to know the full story on the map until release, or very close to it.

Correct. Some have construed this as meaning a “truly unrestricted open world” - that, I think, is a dire misinterpretation.


“Playground wants to take that further, so the team has torn down the barriers that largely kept us from leaving the road in the original Forza Horizon. “… Which means that you’re no longer constrained to the road. You can take the road, or you can hoon off it, through a fence. Through a vineyard. Through a deep forest or up a hill.”"

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I have some skepticism. Surely some fenced areas, trenches and such will keep things in check.

Im guessing most races will have forced walls but for just casual driving a true open world would be awesome

Until your vehicle is stuck within a pile of boulders. Ha!

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Before FM3 had us pushing Y to erase our mistakes, most racing games had us pushing the Back button to fix them… Er, no one remembers the reset buttons in old-school NFS games? Okay then…

I sure do; but, sometimes things like this get overlooked.

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