Manufacturer loyalty discounts

I’ve just got an XBOX One and Forza 6 for me and my boys and loving my brief little try out of the new version.

So I haven’t played any Forza games since the fist Forza Horizon and Forza 4, are there still discounts applied to upgrades when you build up your affinity levels?
I’m only at affinity level two on VW and BMW and was waiting to get to affinity level 4 so I could take advantage of all those free upgrades before getting stuck into some tuning.

Great game though and AI is soooo much improved.

nope its gone…you just get credits when levelling up …tops out at level 25 and on some you get a super rare Mod

the most expensive car in fm6 is 2 mill, not the 15 mill like in fm4. i think they stopped the free parts because alot of people were griping about mountains of uselss credits in fm5 because there was nothing to spend them on after about 2 months of playing hardcore. now they can still buy parts with the credits. you’ll own everything in fm6 including parts in probably less than half the time it took you in fm4 with free parts. might as well buy the parts now and get to tuneing. tunes and paints are free too now so you wont need credits for those either. in a few months you’ll be glad parts aren’t free. useless credits makes the game seem less rewarding.

thanks for the reply

Sounds fair enough. I’ll get the toolbox out of the garage then! :slight_smile: