manual with clutch

Is there a new way to shift? I am shifting the same way I did in fm3,fm4, and5,but it does not shift smooth, and I get transmisson damage.

Sounds like you’re not using the actual clutch. Gotta go to controller settings…once you get past the preliminaries…you probably have to INVERT a couple of buttons.

I use the a button for clutch, x and y for shift up\down

But did you go to the options and switch clutch with handbrake like you probably did oh so long ago on forza? If not all you are doing is hitting the handbrake button.

I switch the LB button, with the A I think…but I have to go into controller to do that. As I had to on every forza.

Never mind, Iam an idiot the buttons never got changed.



Yeah with FM titles I always have to go into options to set the A button for clutch, and to remove the dead zone for throttle, break, steering, and clutch in Advanced. Makes a huge difference in control, even with a controller.

Wow everyone uses A for the clutch? Haha, I had no idea. I’ve always loved the LB clutch setup.


Me too. I haven’t had any issues except with the Indy cars…

Its just so easy with A, so natural. You just press X and B like you used to, but extent your finger to include the A :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing about that sounds natural for me. The LB is what I use. I just adapted to the newish clutch in FM6.

For X+A: Your thumb doesnt go over the A when you press X ?
For A+B: Maybe I just got big thumb, but I’m able to press both at the same time

I can press all four buttons at once but it’s not precise or natural. The LB was intuitive the minute it was introduced. I know that a lot of guys map it to a button. Not knocking that hence I qualified my statement “for me”.

Unless you’re using a racing clutch on your car you need to shift a little slower, you’ve got to wait until your rpm drop until you actually let off the clutch

No. Don’t do that.

LB is to weird for me to use with braking and downshifting. Awkward is the word i’d use lol.

There is a clutch button? I just lift the right trigger when I’m shifting, it’s working great that way. Shift, let go of gas, after half avsecond or so use gas again.

Depends if you have it set up to mannual with clutch or just manual. If so by default it is the left bumper. Either way the lift is not necessary andslows u down.

For me it’s funny to use a binary button for the clutch. It kicks in much to fast and gives damage to the transmission (in FM4 it was not a problem and i used the LB button, but with FM6 it’s more of a problem). So now i use the standard setup #10 for the controller and switch the up/down shift and handbrake/clutch on the right joystick. So now when i am with my left index finger on the throttle, I can hit the clutch (right joystick) with my left thumb and shift with my right index finger. On breaking i use my right index finger for the brakes and with my left index finger and thumb i shift down.
After using the clutch and shift up or down i just let go of the right joystick. This movement is just enough to gradualy loose the clutch like it does with a real car or using a pedal.
It takes some effort (about an hour) to get used to the set up, but then it’s a dream to drive with it and no transmission damage anymore.