Manual with clutch in paddle shifter cars

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since I have a 3 pedal setup, I am using the “manual with clutch” option in Forza. While it works as intended in cars that feature a clutch and a stick in reality, I have a big issue with the cars that are equipped with stock paddle shifters. Such cars actually have no manual clutch in real life - unfortunately, Forza does no respect that. In Forza I have to manually clutch, even e.g. in the new Ford GT. This makes absolutely no sense and feels kind of stupid when using a wheel with a 3 pedal setup.

I think that Forza should be aware of this, even with the “manual with clutch” option enabled. What happens with Forza in its current state, is that one suffers a 4 % transmission damage with every shift done without manual clutching and using the paddle shifters on the wheel. On top of that, shifting is much slower. This behaviour would be OK if a car with manual clutch and stick would be simulated, but it is not in modern supercars with electronic clutches and paddle shifters.

It is really annoying to have to restart the race and set the shifting option to “manual” in every race done in a car with paddle shifters. In addition, one is excluded from posting times to the hardcore leaderboards. And on top of that, earns less credits for every race.

Other games like Project CARS are handling this much better. There, manual clutching is not necessary in cars with paddle shifters.
I’d really love to see something similar done in the Forza game franchise! Especially in the Motorsport titles, that claim to simulate the real world as close as possible.


Fully agree! I just made a thread about this as well but can’t find it anymore, hmm.


Great to see that there’re other Forza racers experiencing this as well!
Let’s hope this thread stays around!

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When I used a wheel on the 360 I mapped the clutch to also be on one of the face buttons, “B” if I recall. I got in the habit of just using my thumb to hit B right before I hit one of the paddles. Worked well enough for me.

Not to mention there is a big competitor out there, rival to console racing game FM. They understand this. For example in real world, in an automatic car, when let go of brake the car accelerates given a flat surface, in a manual it would go nowhere. This other car racing sim, understands that. Even included that detail in their game. To me, its the details.

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Forza Motorsport is no hardcore sim like iracing. You can deactivate the manual clutch before the race in these cars. Where’s the problem. If you know with cars have race or double clutch gearbox than go to driving assist and turn to manual and for normal gearing turn it to manual with clutch. I see there no big deal

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It is a big deal. Consider that

  • You’re rewarded less XP and credits for every race
  • You’re no longer considered “hardcore”
  • Shifting is slower (some say) so you lose time

Plus, Forza 6 features quite a few cars. A lot of cars in fact. I do not know for all of them if are stick shifted or not, and restarting after finding out a few seconds after the start and having to change options really bugs me. It is tedious.

Oh, and last but not least, Forza screams “realism” all over itself. At the beginning of the first race afternthe introductory series I remember being literally told that "
Forza is a realistic simulation…".

Not so much, it seems. Not so much at all.
I see a lot of sacrifices made for the controller guys. Which is not a bad thing at all! There just should be room for those who take this whole simulation thing more serious as well…


I can understand why all cars are set up the same in shifting regardless of its real-world counterpart. This game is aimed at a wide spectrum of people with entertainment dollars. Hardcore real life sim stuff just isn’t going to happen in Forza. This applies to the shifting and other things as well.

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The manual with clutch option is just a difficulty setting, it’s not meant to add any kind of realism. If it was, you wouldn’t be able to use it on a regular controller.

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For controllers yes, for racing wheels a big no! Using the clutch DOES give a big realism factor in cars that have a stick to shift gears.

I royally couldn’t care less about the credits not awarded or the hardcoreness of the elitists out there. What I do care about a lot is that I want to drive the cars as authentic as it can be, thus using the paddle shifters with no clutch in modern race cars and the H-stick with clutch pedal in the classic cars. And it’s extremely tedious to switch it around all the time since that menu is like miles away from the race menu.

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This seriously adds some sense to how the game is offered in its current state. Sounds very reasonable. Makes me wanna puke over all the markteing bulls*** blabla though.

Yes and yes! That’s my experience as well!!