Manual w/Clutch Basic Questions

Hi everyone -

I’m a relatively new player, about two months in. I (of course) started on automatic shifting, then switched to normal manual. I use the basic Q for shift down and E for up, and I’m solid at it, I can win races well enough; I want to switch to using clutch, mainly because of the credit bonus. I play on Windows 10, and if you guys could just give me a quick rundown of preferred keybinds for clutch, as well as general tips would be appreciated!


I use very old keyboard setup from F1 GP2 game.
“,” and "."for steering, “q” and “a” for throttle and brake, “z” and “space” downshift and upshift and “shift” for clutch.
That’s if I feel like doing so, mainly I just drive wsad and auto.

Steering/gas/brakes = arrows, handbrake = Q, clutch = S, gear down/up = X/C.
When switching gears I just push S+X or S+C in the same time. Can’t tell if this is correct technique.

Also don’t quote me on this, but from my testing manual+clutch is mostly beneficial when you are using car with “stock” drivetrain. Then you can spend saved PI for other parts. So for e.g. Subaru Impreza I would use stock gearbox or sport gearbox (sometime racing gearbox, if stock gearbox have very weird gear ratio) and manual+clutch, but for e.g. Ford Mustang swapped with AWD I would use manual.
If you are playing ranked/unranked adventures remember that you can’t switch, so it would be better to stay on M+C.

From a performance point of view manual + clutch is always the fastest choice if the installed clutch and/or gearbox have a shift time penalty. You also don’t have to let go off the throttle. Just “power shift” by staying on the throttle and hit your shift & clutch button simultaneously.
If your car doesn’t have a shift time penalty (a car with a drivetrain conversion always has none) manual will be faster because it allows faster downshifting and thus harder engine braking than manual + clutch.


Awesome, thanks guys! That helps a lot, so I’ll definitely try it out!