Manual vs. Manual w/ clutch

I was debating on whether I should post this thread or not and I thought about it. This isn’t whether manual w/ clutch is faster than manual which it is but only by milliseconds. But anyway, I’ve been getting more and more intrigued by different shift types that are in FM6 such as paddle, manual, button, sequential, etc and exactly how they would translate with the real-life counterpart. I’ve always liked to play Forza games as realistic as possible and I started this a while ago. For instance, dual-clutch transmission vehicles such as an Huracan or a P1, in real-life you would only use the paddles or drive it in automatic. There is no clutch-pedal in a dual-clutch vehicle, so for those type of vehicles I set the shifting to manual. My GT350 of course has a manual gearbox and obviously has a clutch-pedal, so I set that specific vehicle to Manual w/ clutch. I was just wondering if I was just a 1%er and no one else did this. Now I know some may say they just use manual w/ clutch because it’s faster, but I find it more fun to drive the car in the game as it would be driven in real-life. Does anyone else do this? I think this could make for a great discussion and would like to know how others determine what shift type to use. Btw, I should have titled this “shift types” instead, if a mod could change it for me that’d be nice.

You’re not alone. I do this also. My preferred shift type is manual with clutch, mainly because I feel you can brake a lot later as the engine braking seems to be a lot stronger when using clutch. This makes it frustrating though when using a car with paddle shift setup w/o clutch ( I love the LFA for example) because I lose the feeling of engine breaking which gives the car a disadvantage which in real life wouldn’t be an issue. I have noticed however that certain race cars and even some road cars with a race transmission upgrade will perform as expected with manual w/o clutch option.

I’ve seen a few times now people comparing Forza to other race sims where they automatically configure the shift type as well as steering wheel rotation to the specific car which eliminates this problem.

I race with a wheel and will go a step further and move the shifter position left or right depending on left or right hand drive as well as switching between H pattern, sequential, or Paddles depending on the car.

I always race with clutch. I know it’s not accurate on some cars and makes launching tricky under certain circumstances, but once I’d developed the muscle memory I just found it easier to stick with it. Plus I can’t be bothered changing my assists each time I switch cars.

The way I see it, I’m playing a game, not driving a real car. Manual with Clutch is proven to be faster in-game with the majority of cars therefore I use it, regardless of whether it’s “real” or not.


Clutch system in fm is so unrealistic that I always use manual. In project using clutch make sense and there you use clutch like in real. It’s really laughable that you must use a clutch in cars with double clutch gearbox. Modern racecars use clutch only for the start.


I’ve used a clutch on forza since FM2, (Edit: as it’s been pointed out to me there was no clutch in FM2, I guess using the forums while at work Is not the smartest thing to do) :wink:
It’s second nature to me now. In fact I find it to weird not using it, and still press the button anyway.

I understand what the OP is saying but like PJ said, it’s a game and using the clutch is faster, and to be honest it doesn’t bother me if it’s that true to real life anyway. Just my opinion. :relaxed:

FM2 didn’t have a clutch, clutch was introduced in FM3. On forza 4 I could somewhat get slightly more realistic by using the auto clutch feature on the wheel. It would be very nice if the clutch simulation was accurate though.

Edit: also just had a thought as I also hate having to change assists all the time, it would be super handy if we could have a setting in the tuning options of each car to overwrite what the difficulty is set at. So you could set you difficulty to manual w/clutch and the cars you want to use normal manual just select it to use that by default in the tuning setup for the car

That’s a brilliant idea. T10 if your reading this. Give this man a job!

Lmao, my bad… I ment fm3 I remember now playing the demo and trying to use it for the first time and not having much luck with it but after many laps I got there, I also learnt to use the clutch on the LB button not knowing you could reassign to the A button.

yep I remember it well, hot-lapping that flying lizard Porsche around camino trying to master the clutch and using the cockpit veiw, ah fond memories.

I spent a few minutes last night trying to get the clutch assigned to A, and downshift to X, upshift to B, but was unsuccessful. The only way I could have clutch as A was to have the gears assigned to LB/RB. I swear in Forza 3 I had it configured that way. I must have missed something.

I cannot use LB as the clutch, it completely screws me up.

You dont have to change the controls directly you just have to select yes for swap handbrake/clutch.


OP, I would like if things were done that way, but due to the way the transmission/clutch is implemented in forza as a generic thing I always use the clutch even in x class in the lotus.

To offset your disadvantage of using manual only in cars that have manual you could do a clutch upgrade, will cost you a few pi but will allow the car to shift as quick as manual w/clutch,

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Ah, that’s what I missed. Thank you… can’t wait to give it a try tonight.

In all honesty, you are better off using normal manual, as the other one will mess up your tranny one way or another. Typically in a longer race, you will be dealing with tranny damage. It’s a little clunky and no matter what configuration you use, it gets awkward to shift gears, particularly when you’re downshifting and braking at the same time.

What I do is, I just ease off the throttle between shifts, and for the paddle shifts I just keep clicking gears while being on the throttle.

You only get trans or clutch damage if you are downshifting too rapidly or not matching revs. Also it is not necessary to lift when shifting you are just losing time and no damage is done if u don’t lift.

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