Managing tunes

I am quite sure this subject is mixed with some others but I pretend it deserves its own thread as very specific you can meet in solo mode just willing to save a new tune, inside of race just modifying something and wanting to save it, in the garage optimizing a car for a specific class …

Logged #21982 on the subject.

I reached maximum of tunes.
Limit is no surprised as exact same feature FH3 has.

I’ve read many times some requests on the forum to remove that limit, don’t know if it has been logged to support yet.

How do game designers who know this feature for years now, how do they expect the player to proceed with cleaning ? going car by car on the 500 cars of the garage spending days at cleaning ? that’s part of game fun ?

500 cars / 5 classes, how the hell some tuning specialists, I don’t need to share the name of, are able to share tunes for every single car every single class ?

Went to FH4 known issues, nothing

Tune/design limit will increase also when we get garage space update.

And actually 580 cars and 7 classes.

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Did not follow that information, I heard they were having tests and tests on upsizing the garage limit which, up to me, will result in slower selection of car since more car to filter but it is not the subject here. To come back to it, not seen any info concerning the number of tunes. it’s interesting if it is not affecting the performance.

Personally, assessing the thing is more complex than just changing a value in max size, I would have considered a quick win to add the number of tunes next to cars, that way cleaning would have been much easier and damned it’s kind of boring to hell to do cleaning totally blind, pick car, load car, go to tuning pane, no tuning, go back to garage, pick another … raaaaaaaahhhh just want to save a damn tune for …
not solving the issue but , at least, much less boring. I would add that any limit we get, one day or another we will come back to this.

Ok so, boring way is the only way for now, I take your word on this change upcoming, honestly totally missed it.

@jonk1969 confirmed few months ago allready that they also increase number of tunes, designs and photos.

I also add car to favorite list when i save tune for some car so i have some method to know what car has tune and what’s cars dont have.

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Damned it, did not do that. On the other hand, would have a so huge list when willing to pick a car for online, any way we come back to the same thing, just need to know which cars have a tune.

Support link the size up of number of tunes to garage size up … just hope there is no misunderstanding between dev team et support.