Man I feel sorry for anyone who hasnt done Sebring endurance race yet

81 laps of complete boredom. And that is the shortest race you can choose. Took me just under 3 hours and 5 pit stops. Only plus side was it got me 250k and unlocked about 8 cars which was nice but man what a boring track to do an endurance race on. I wish in races that long you could hire AI drivers like forza 4 did.

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You could have put it on super easy and taped up the RT. ~You wouldn’t have got 250k though :slight_smile:

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Yea I thought about that and considered it but decided id rather grind through and get the credits.

I’m by no means an endurance racer for that stuff. Forza 6 trained me and made 7 much easier seemed like BUT ya, that was something else * shudders* I miss those hired drivers too man!

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It would be better if it was a multiclass race… and for the full 12 hours.


I was thinking the same thing lol as I had just saw ticket info for Sebring 12 this year. If I had the time and money I’d love to be there but alas I think I’ll just save some cash and request time off and try to go to the Petit Le Man at Road Atlanta at the end of the season.


I was at the 2018 Rolex 24 at Daytona. What a race! Mind you, the lack of caution periods may be a turn off for many (hey, the crashes are exciting but nobody wants to see their favorite driver(s) hurt or out of the race) but just being at the track for almost 24 hours in total was such a great experience. My dad and I plan to go to the 2019 Sebring race and catch both the WEC 12 Hours and IMSA 12 Hours.

idid a 101-lap race at Daytona’s Sportscar course recently on Pro difficulty and had a lot of fun. I did it in Single Player Freeplay with Multi-class, set to Forza P2 and Forza GT as the classes and making perfect turns while staying on the rear bumpers of the cars in front without banging them (bringing out a rewind alert or invalidating my lap) was such a challenge. Of course, the stupid AI, even at Pro, tend to speed out of the pits into the track at turn 1 and cut the corner on exit, thus smashing and spinning from the impact there on the inside, which was really annoying and forced me to make unscheduled pit stops to repair damage. My Daytona race ended ip just under 3 hours long and 101 laps was exactly 1/8th of the 2018 race distance.

I don’t know why people hate endurance races, it’s not really endurance racecars if they only do 10 laps. If people want short races, go play Mario Kart.

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GOAT track


Well at least it wasn’t in rain like FM6 was.


I just bought the Ford GT (a car I don’t even like anyway) off the auction house, so now I don’t have to do the race.

That would make it more interesting/engaging though.

Sebring in the rain was probably my least favourite track in FM6 (even moreso than Bernese Alps), the place was aquaplane central and just loved to spear you off towards the wall in the middle of a corner.

FM7 seems like heaven in comparison.

Yeah, the puddles were more reminiscent of black holes than water… :rofl:

No kidding. I did the Spa enduro on extra-long to get the Survival of the Fastest achievement, and it was nowhere near the grind that Sebring on standard was. Braindead’s idea of a multi-class event, I’d vote for that. :wink:

Spa was great. Love that track, more so now after doing the endure.

Sebring was a challenge to get through, but not as hard to stick with as I expected. I figured I’d do it in 3 stints over 2 days, but ended up just staying on it in one go. That way I didn’t have to worry about reboots or updates.

Old Mulsanne in the early 50’s, racing the Ferarri 166M against Jaguar XK120 - and maybe add an Aston Martin DB2 to the game - THAT would be an Enduro I’d race for 24 hours!

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One year for the Extra Life 24 Hour Charity Marathon I did a “24 Hours of LeMans” in Forza 6 by myself. Since you can’t do a straight 24-hour timed race I maxed out the laps and took 5-minute breaks most of the time (except for bathroom and meal breaks).

My hands were in pure pain by the end. Between the way I gripped the controller and the constant vibration it was just pain central and my right-hand sort of stayed semi-clenched for a while after. If I ever do that again it will be a team-based race, swapping out drivers.

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I barely could bring myself to running the Nurburgring Endurance Race, but it is may favorite track, so it wasn’t too bad, and I too a break in the middle and left it paused. Total time was like an Hour and a half or something. Pretty sure I lapped a few cars.

But yeah… I looked at that 81 laps, and know that it takes more 2 minutes a lap, and I was like, So much for that trophy getting done ever.

I might actually take that EASY MODE advice, and throw a rubber band on the trigger while I sleep. For that Matter, I could probably do the same thing for a 500 lap Daytona oval, and wake up refreshed 8 hours later.

I might actually do one of these tonight.

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You won’t get credit for super easy assists. And most done get the rewards on forza hub for endurance showcases they’ve done with super easy assists.

Finish the last 5 or so laps on hardest level with your usual assists and you will get credit.

Holding in the trigger like that doesn’t keep the controller/profile from going inactive. When I tried it, I woke up to find the game auto-paused for inactivity. I had to babysit it and tap the right stick every now and then.

If you plug in a cable it wont pause for inactivity…or it doesnt on PC anyway
And you also need to watch because sometimes it will just drive off track for no reason and get stuck