Make the stupid chat box go away

Or at least give us an option for this like they do in most PC titles.

First the chat box can be hidden but there is no option to remove it. Then if someone speaks and the text appears the chat box shows up again. Sometimes you can’t even hide it and pretty soon a third of the race screen is covered with unwanted text and it really obstructs the view.

Please introduce an option to disable this feature.

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i agree with that ! Please introduce an option to disable this feature.

I’ll be in a private chat and this box keeps appearing when people in game chat speak. If I cared about what they were saying I’d be in game chat.

Seeing as I can’t make it to away maybe you could transcribe party chat into it since I’m in party chat…

Or best yet, please allow us to disable this.

yea how can i turn this off it just started popping up whats going on ive never seen it before .Chatting box on the screen in multi mode this wac how do i tun it off

There is still nothing in the options regarding this. One of my buddies has never seen it pop up and yet it’s always there when I’m in multiplayer.

What’s the secret to make it go away?

Hello , Where is this chat box ?

does it appear in Multiplayer Lobby ?