Make Elite Online Lobby

I am so sick of driving with people who take everyone out on turn one or on any turn. Whats the point? I don’t understand why I start every race dead last, but I’m sick of trying to pass 10 - 12 cars just to be at the front. All along the way I’m getting hit every other corner! Everyone makes mistakes but you can always tell when someone (^*%&) is going to run into everyone what bugs me the most is I usually have the fastest if not top 3 fastest lap times , but I’m racing 20 seconds behind because I’m getting taken out every other corner its stupid.

Make a VIP or Elite lobby where if your voted than your out of the lobby that way people will want to race clean. I bet half the 'Forza community would agree that they are sick of being top 1% but are racing at the back due to people wrecking everyone

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There does need to be SOME sort of rating/sorting system. They should come up with a review system, so that after every race you can give a “thumbs up/down” to those you raced. So many thumbs down and you get “demoted” to not being able to race in the “top league”/“clean racing league”. If you then race clean for a long period and get enough “thumbs up” you can rank back up.

Or maybe just a simple way to vote a racer “dirty racer” after a race, and if they get too many in a period of time they get demoted to playing in the “dirty racers” races only.

Something for sure.


The amount of people down rating others for no good reason would only start another complaining thread.

The idea sounds good, but not everyone would use it honorably.

There really isn’t a perfect system.

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Custom public lobies is The anwser… J miss that option so much from fm4… U can race any track u want, make restritions, create or join clean lobby… LOT of possibylities:)

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you realise top 1% can be anything from 1st - 5000th right?.

And that T10 only class the top 1000 competitive.

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I am always in the top 1000 most of the time if I can make a decent car (which is my downfall) I can get myself in the top 500 there are a few tracks i have made top 200/300 there is a barrier I am having a hard time getting past I really dont understand how the top 10 people for each track are 6 -10 seconds faster than me I am a racing fan i have played this game my whole life i know how to race but I dont know how anyone picks up 6-10 seconds per lap does the racing wheel make a difference due to less turn in than a joy stick or is it all tune set ups. I always just assume its tune set ups and if i had that setup I could make top 10

Dont take this the wrong way but…

They are just faster then you, everywhere on the track. They will be entering faster, holding more speed at the apex and exiting faster then you.

If you go to the Tuning Marketplace (tuners forum) there are pleanty top 10/top100 cars available. Pick one up and see where you land.

There are many people out there that share your view about public lobbies.
I suggest you start building your friends list. After a couple a weeks you should have found a decent number of racers who also want to race with players of a higher level of ability.
Then race in private lobbies.

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