Major window tinting bug

window tint bug 1
window tint bug 2

First time I’ve noticed a bug like this in Forza. Tinted windows are not visible from the inside. Only when you look at them directly from the side or rear as long as you’re looking at the windows ‘from the outside’.

For example, as is evidenced by the photos, tints are not visible from the opposite end of left/right or rear.

Whats worse, ghosts with tinted windows have solid windows, not useful when trying to see the turn in or braking points with a ghost in front !

Right, but how can this be present in the final game? As if the various cockpit FOV and animation bugs weren’t enough.

Not sure if the game even went through rigorous testing before release.

it’s the same when drifting. if you try to look at the smoke true the window u will not see it. I saw this in one of the first days… and didn’t bother about it. still looks a bit weird in photo mode but, meh… don’t care :wink:

Great… thanks for making that statement. Now it will never get fixed! :slight_smile: