Major Stuttering/Hanging while Driving, when Connecting to Horizon Life, etc.

G’day folks!

I’ve recently been having quite a few hiccups with Forza Horizon 4 where after a few minutes of playing the game, it would disconnect from Horizon Life and start stuttering when trying to find a new session (yes my internet is perfectly fine). This stuttering/hanging is now also occurring when I launch a race and judt with general driving around the map.

I genuinely have no idea what is causing this as it holds up my entire PC so I am unable to access the task manager.

I appreciate the help!

Yupp, Horizon Life is causing stuttering on Xbox One X also. If you choose Horizon Solo it runs great. Be sure to submit a trouble ticket. This issue needs to be formally acknowledged and fixed by PG.

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Not sure if this considered stuttering but in horizon life if i drive fast the road will disappear and so will bits of the area around me and will cause my car to stop dead. It happens everytime i go over 200mph. My car will stop then continue then stop until it stops dead and fixes until it happens again. Its very annoying