Major graphic and crashing issue on Series S

Hey all, wondering if anyone else is having this issue?

After starting the game play black blobs covering the screen and flickering images, has as you get let off the plane.

After switching between graphics and performance mode a few times the black blobbing might go way to make it just about playable.
Once at the horizan Festival the game crashes and goes back to the xbox home screen.
When trying to load back up it crashes and then back to the home screen again, once or twice it has hard reset the Xbox.

All saved data has to be deleted to get back into the game just to start the process all over again.
I have deleted and reinstalled the game, factory reset the console played the intro so many times and just the same issues.
There was only 1 time I got beyond the festival and did the 1st event.
Came on the next day, Black blobbs returned and crash…

Its only game to do this on the console and my friends one is fine.

I have reported the bug and waiting for a reply. Juts wondering if anyone else has had this.
Pretty damn annoying.