Major framerate drops/stuttering/lagging yet benchmark shows a solid 60fps?

Ok so I just bought this game the other day and I finally had the chance to try it today. Problem is, the framerates get so low it makes it basically unplayable. After playing around with the video settings I had set everything to high settings, AA to 8x, msaa to 8x, and was getting a solid 60fps in the benchmark test at 1080. I wanted a good solid 60fps with no major dips. Everything showed good in the benchmark, but when I started to race is when the major problems started. It would start out smooth, then randomly dip down to as low as the low 20s! It would get so bad, that the constant lagging would make it impossible to even hit turns properly, as it would freeze for a second then come back and I was running into the walls.

So I started tweaking the settings. everytime the benchmark shows good, yet when I would race, disaster. My final settings were pretty much everything at medium, AA and MSAA at 4x, and even things like motion blur, and such turned to low or even off. Same issues im getting. I know i dont have a massive beast of a system, but I at least meat turn 10s RECOMMENDED requirements. Like what exactly is going on here? I have even had cutscenes completely freeze on me, and when I went to the main menu so I could log on here and type this post, the game completely crashed and closed. I did have MSI command center and afterburner running to keep going back and keep an eye on my temps. Highest I saw my cpu was 48c and my gpu was 59c I believe. Thinking MAYBE one of those were interfering, I closed those programs, along with steam, orgin and pretty much everything else I could.

My system specs are as follows.

CPU: AMD FX8320 @3.8GHZ
GPU : MSI GTX 1050TI Gaming X 4GB DDR5 with slight OC with the MSI Gaming App
RAM : Ripjaw G Skill X 16GB DDR3
Wheel: Logitech G29 with updated Logitech Gaming Software

I was really looking forward to this game when I heard they were releasing it on PC, as I dont have, nor have any interest in buying an Xbone and new wheel for just one game, but I always enjoyed the Forza series. But the way this game is running im not so sure I should have even bothered.