Major accidents caused by incidental contact while online

I was just curious if anyone else has experianced this issue? While in a race online, there are major accidents caused by very minor contact between cars. I am tired of getting collected up by accidents that are far more severe than they should be. Can anyone explain why this is the 6th Forza Motorsport game but has the worst online gaming experiance? Its not the wreckers that bother me, those people have always been there to deal with. This is much worse because a small collision between 2 racers that would have been considered “rubbing” will now destroy half the lobby. To make matters worse, you only get 2 laps on most tracks. If you’re unfortunate enough to get caught up in the insanity, then your race is pretty much over. Why did T10 think that increasing the lobby size from 16 players to 24 players and “reducing” the number of laps was a good idea? Another question I have is why T10 would increase the number of racers in a lobby, when in Forza 5, any more than 13 racers would create major lag issues for everyone racing? Now with the capacity for 24 racers in a room, the lag is so bad that it causes frame rate issues that make it nearly impossible to even race at all. I really have to question how extensively they tested or even played this game. I really appreciate that T10 tried to make the Forza Motorsport franchise bigger and better, but I really think they should have noticed these issues before releasing a broken game.

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I never got that need for 24 players either. IMO, it’s too much.

I think a lot of people who like Horizon bought Forza 6 and they didn’t realize how different it was. The driving model is much more arcade in Horizon. I think they are frustrated that they can’t do well and resort to wrecking and corner cutting. Forza 5 had wreckers but it wasn’t too bad. This is a complete nightmare. I agree 24 is too much. Half quit anyway lol