Mad Catz & Tritton Liveries and mining for email addresses

Anybody playing the game right now see a new DLC available in the Marketplace? There’s nothing in the Smartglass app section about this, but this tweet was retweeted by Forzamotorsport and calls it a “liveries DLC”

“.@MadCatz & @TRITTON Liveries DLC Now Available for @ForzaMotorsport 5! @Turn10Studios @Xbox …”

and that page has a link where you register to get the liveries (with photos of other liveries):

Submitting your email results in a confirmation page reading:
“The livery will be sent as a gift to your GAMERTAG in the MESSAGE CENTER of Forza 5” with this page linked for downloading instructions:

It’s liveries for the cars listed, they spell it out for you in those links.

I followed the instructions, but all it’s doing is directing you to download the livery when searching for a new design. Doesn’t really sound like DLC to me.

All it’s saying is to use the description search and search for ‘BDI’ to get the livery, hardly a DLC. Are we supposed to be getting these designs send to us in the message center or what?

Because it is just a livery. A little self-promotion using Forza.

Just clever marketing to get email addresses for promo/mailing list purposes


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The designs don’t even look that good. Most the painters on here make better quality paints then those


They have my email address anyway. I registered my Tritton AX720’s, my gamepad, my mouse, my keyboard etc etc. lol
I have 3 email addresses, one for friends, one for stuff like this, and one super secret private eyes only one, that even i don’t read! lol