M Rossi.

Is he back?

I don’t think he is due to drivatars however you can name yourself after him in game I believe and have NPCS call you under that

Haven’t seen him.

Its a shame they dont include him as italian bad guy top driver in the horizon games


If you play FH2 offline you get named AI’s instead of Drivatars, try playing FH3 offline and see if he shows up.

No. But on the other hand, you can be M.Rossi now.

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Change your gamertag to M.Rossi and train your drivatar to drive like complete ace-hole. Let others experience the joy of racing M.Rossi in case they missed out on earlier titles.

I think it would be kinda cool to actually have a whole club of people with old Forza AI driver gamertags.

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Will have to try the offline thing. Only another 9.5 hours to go.